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Kingdom Hearts: A New Beginning (List of worlds)

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Here are a list of worlds in the upcoming game, KH: A New Beginning. Note: A L next to the name of the world means only Link explores it, while a S means the world only applies to Sora, while when both a L and S appear, both go to that world.


  • Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda) [L]
  • Lylat System (Star Fox) [L]
  • Mushroom Kingdom/Bowser's Castle (Super Mario Bros.) [LS]
  • Brinstar/Norfair (Metroid) [S]
  • Pokemon Stadium/Victory Road (Pokemon) [LS]
  • Untitled Geist World [L]
  • Sea of Clouds (Kid Icarus) [this world is basically the Oylmpus Coliseum-the world where you fight against a bunch of different enemies in a tourney.] [LS]
  • Untitled Advance Wars World [S]

Disney and ABC

  • Agrabah (Aladdin) [S]
  • Atlantica (The Little Mermaid) [LS]
  • Notre Dame (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) [L]
  • Castle of Dreams (Cinderella) [S]
  • Andelasia/New York (Enchanted) [S]
  • Enlight City (ABC's Eli Stone) [S]
  • Venezuela (Disney/Pixar's Up) [L]
  • Monstropolis (Disney/Pixar's Monsters Inc.) [S]
  • Sacred Heart Hospital (ABC's Scrubs) [LS]
  • Disney Castle/Timeless River (Disney standards + Steamboat Willie) [LS]
  • Wonderland (Alice In Wonderland) [L]
  • Halloween Town/Christmas Town (The Nightmare Before Christmas) [Link in Christmas Town, Sora in Halloween Town]
  • Tipton Hotel/S.S. Tipton (Suite Life of Zack and Cody/Suite Life on Deck) [LS]
  • 100 Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh) [S]

3rd Party and Orignal Worlds

  • Green Hill Zone/Death Egg (Sonic the Hedgehog) [L]
  • Hollow Bastion [S]
  • Bespin/Dagobah (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) [Link in Dagobah, Sora in Bespin]
  • Twilight Town (actually a background world)
  • The End of the World [LS]
  • Castle of Darkness [L]
  • Destiny Islands [S]
  • Raccoon City (Resident Evil 0) [LS]
  • New New York (Futurama) [L]
  • Soul Society (Bleach) [LS]
  • Balamb (Final Fantasy VIII) [S]
  • Ivalice (Final Fantasy XII) [L]
  • Travese Town [S]
  • Marzipan (Chowder) [LS]
  • City of Nowhere (Courage the Cowardly Dog) [L]

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