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Developer LostSynth Studios
Publisher Nintendo
Genres Action
Release Date TBA
Platform Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo New 3DS, Nintendo NX
Media Physical and Digital

Kingdom is an upcoming game online hero-based third person action game in development by LostSynth Studios and Nintendo. There is little information concerning the game but a spokesman for LostSynth Studios confirmed that "the game focuses on selecting a particular hero to join a squad of six members to fight other squads in online matches." After it's announcement, some critics have suggested that Nintendo is trying to cash in on the Overwatch craze. Overwatch is an online first person hero-based shooter developed by Blizzard for the Playstation 4, X-Box One, and computer. LostSynth Studios couldn't be reached for a comment. The game is currently under development along with the game Ninten-ZOO and potential similarities in the Kingdom logo suggests they make be connected in some form. LostSynth Studios has promised to release more information as it comes.

On September 27, 2016, LostSynth Studios and Nintendo jointly released a 35 minute long "Exploring Kingdom Direct which contained information about game play, plot and world information, and the Beasties that players can play as.


Players in Kingdom will find themselves participating in epic battles within this mysterious land. Now that we know a little about where Kingdom will be set, how will battles be played? This is the core of the game and what drives the stories narrative. Players will participate in a two-team battle with four players to a team. There will be 8 players total in one given match. Defeating the team will help increase the alliance as well as your own player's allegiance which advances the storyline further down the road. Kingdom is a constantly evolving narrative and the story's progression will be heavily influenced by how well players play the game. What comes next is a blank slate and it's up to you guys to write the outcome.


The Nintendo Network will allow for online capabilities.

While we can't go into what modes and battles there are, I can give a little insight in what to expect. Kingdom will be a first for Nintendo in that it will constantly require a wireless connection in order to play. While some of you may be disappointed to hear this, it is very important to have this online connection in order to drive the game forward. Traditionally, there is the Conquest Mode which will heavily factor into the final outcome and where allegiance points count. There will also smaller game modes that focus on different aspects such as a Battle Royal where all players fight against each other as well as a more light-heated Free Battle Mode which will not contribute to the games progression and serves as a training mode/practice mode. Still, you will be competing against opponents.

The game can be played both in first person and third person form though there won't be an advantage to choosing one over the other. You can change it quite quickly; even in the heat of battle. However, some of the more melee-oriented fighters would benefit from having a third-person view while shooters may benefit more from a first-person view. Ultimately, it will depends on your own preference.

As I mentioned, characters may be more melee-inclined while others will be more shooter-inclined. What does this mean? Well, to start, every Beastie will wield a weapon of some sort such as a sword, a gun, or even something else entirely. There is also a secondary attack option, too.

Basic Attacks, Beast Skills, and Beast Breakers


Your main primary attack and your secondary attack are your "Basic Attacks" and form your main foundation for attacking opponents. Either by slashing a sword, launching a punch, shooting or blasting away an enemy, or lobbing a grenade all falls under the Basic Attack.


Players will have access to something called "Beast Skills". Beast Skills differ character to character and will do more damage than a Basic Attack. They may also alter your character or render your enemy vulnerable. Beast Skills will have a cool-down period with some of them lasting longer than others. These attacks are high damaging and high reward but come at the cool down cost so plan ahead before using them.


Going further from that, you will also have the amazing attack called a "Beast Breaker". Release your inner beast and unleash an attack that is sure to turn the tides of battle! Some of these Beast Breakers cause the player to launch a devastating attack while others may summon an attacking force, greatly debuff the entire opposing team, greatly buff the players own team, or personally buff the player. These cannot be used all the time though as it requires filling up the Beast Breaker gauge. Once it is filled, the player can unleash the attack. You can fill up the gauge by attacking, taking damage, killing opponents, defending allies, launching Beast Skills, or fulfilling a Beast Trait that you unlocked. You can always know that a Beast Breaker was unleashed due to audio marker heard on screen. If you hear it near you, far away.

Modifiers and Beast Traits


As I mentioned before, there will be an RPG element to the game! In addition to Basic Attacks, Beast Skills, and Beast Breakers; players can further customize their characters through the Modifiers and Beast Traits. Modifiers are chosen at the start of the match and only one can be selected at a time. This will greatly change how that character is played by adding an additional affect such as being immune to fire.


"Beast Traits" involve unlocking spheres on a grid that allows players to spend experience points to strengthen their characters! This also furthers the progression of the games narrative. While many sphere can be unlocked without any strings attached, others might such as having to choose between one or the other. Once a sphere is unlocked, it cannot be changed so plan carefully!

When first starting Kingdom, the first place you will visiting is Sector 1 and it's for quadrants. Battle arenas will occur within these four quadrants and represents a significant part of the environment. There will be different battle arenas for each game mode with up to four arenas appearing in each battle mode. In addition to enemy fighters, you will also encounter various hazards and obstacles within these arenas which can inadvertently kill you so watch out! Dying from these hazards will only hurt your teams standing! We will try to include as many levels as possible upon launch but we intend to release more in post-launch content.

After finishing a match, each player will receive a tally of their scores such as kills, deaths, and other aspects to allow for personal evaluation. It will also show the current progress with allegiances in real-time during Conquest Matches. In addition to scoring, players who did exceptionally well within the match might find notable loot such as gems (which serves as the in-game currency), gear and upgrade-able parts, or even costumes or additional colors for characters! We are exploring possibly including variations of current weapons but that is uncertain currently.

During battle, you will be able to see both your allies and your enemies stats and information. There will also be a match-making system in place to ensure players at lower levels are not placed against too many players at higher levels. However, it is possible that a lower-level character will be put into a team of more higher-levels. This won't be exactly common though and it will also judge on the accounts overall experience with the game. A player may have a low-level character but may have over five characters that are of a higher level.

Experience points are handed out to players who participated though quitting during the match results in an absence in points. These experience points in turn can be spent to purchase Beast Traits or to convert into Allegiance Points or into Gems. These are all available within the in-game store that can be accessed from the main menu. Content can be purchased using gems or real money which, monetarily, will be cheaper than when converted into Gems.



First, we have the man damage dealers, the physical wall of pain, those who shrug off damage and continue fighting - the Warriors. These Beasties focus on dealing as much damage as possible with little regard to themselves. They are best leading aggressive assaults against fortifications or waiting until the best opportunity to strike. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, types, and backgrounds. In addition in dealing physical damage, some of these classes will do elemental damage and, in this case, Fire and Lightning represents the Warriors though this is not always the case. The Warrior Class is depicted with a sword and it's color is red. Warriors, within the world of Kingdom typically aim to find the riches of Kingdom to bring glory to either themselves or their allegiances and will stop at nothing of these pursuits.

Defender symbol

The second class represented are the Defenders and play a pivotal supporting role ind defending key areas, setting up choke points, and defending against invading enemies. These Beasties are important in maintaining key areas and defending them tooth and talon. Without the Defenders, important and key strategy points are left to the enemy and this can prove to be the main cause of defeat. Those who decide to play as a Defender needs to forgo the glory of wading into bad and be content setting up key defensive positions and crowding groups of enemies together so the Warriors can take them out. Defenders are typically represented by Ice and Earth. It is depicted by a shield and its color is yellow. Within the world of Kingdom, Defenders tend to search of the riches of Kingdom to bring honor and glory not to themselves but to their allegiances and those that serve them. They tend to take a more modest and dutiful role as opposed to Warriors.


The third class featured are the Tankers and they are the primarily damage dealers as well as absorbers. They focus on dishing out just as much damage as they can take and prove to be extremely valuable in intense fire fights. Tankers have high defense and health stats and, with the right modifiers and traits, prove to literally be moving fortresses with artillery to back them up. Tankers tend to be seen as a mixture between the first two classes plus a little bad ass'ery throw into it. Be warned though players that Tankers may have high damage output but they lack the speed and jumping ability as some of the lighter classes. Plan accordingly before taking a Tanker out into the battlefield. Tankers typically associate with Fire and Ice. They are depicted with a fortress and their color is blue. With the world of Kingdom, Tankers tend to fight for their own glory then the glory of others; even if it means their allegiances and tend to seek attention by proving their strength in the fires of war.

Speedster symbol

The fourth class within Kingdom are Speedsters and they can be some of the most successful (and annoying) of all the classes. Speedsters are hit-and-runners who focus on launching rapid attacks in a small amount of time and then getting the hell out of the fire. They boast impressive movement and attack speed, high jumping and evading abilities, and skills that tend to lean towards areas of espionage and infiltration. However, they crumple under intense fire and almost, if not always, loses to a Tanker. They have the lowest health and defense of any class and won't be winning at power contests either. Still, they are invaluable for weakening defenses and knocking out players separated from their teams. Speedster also include aerial units which we will see further down the road. Speedsters are typically associated with Wind and Lightning. They are depicted by a lightning bolt and their color is green. Speedsters within Kingdom generally are looking for fame, for glory, or have an ulterior motive. They are not as boastful as the Tankers or modest as the Defenders but they can be cocky at most times.

Support symbol

Finally, the fifth class are the always important Supporters. As the man suggests, they help out the front lines with much needed medic and stat support and can even weaken the opponents by lowering their stats. Warriors and Tankers form the main offensive line while Speedster sand Defenders from the defensive line. Supporters back all them up with their life-saving skills and modifiers. Still, a person playing a Supporter needs to know that they will not be seeing the same combat as others do and may find themselves overlooked (or maybe way to underappreciated) in comparison. Supporters are always almost a plus within a team and those who specialize in these characters will be sought out after. Supporters are often associated with Water and Earth. They are depicted by a cross and their color is purple. Supporters within Kingdom often fight solely for their allegiances or their teammates and its rare to find a Supporter purely fighting for him or herself.


So far only four Beasties have been shown off which they were during the 9.27 Direct with another promised in October.


Kingdom is set in the super-continent known as Avalon. This super-continent spans the entire globe so it's quite a large area understandably with a wide range of creatures and cultures residing within. You will find numerous kingdoms, fiefdoms, federation, empires, city-states, and more within. However, laying in the center of the continent is the mysterious land known as Kingdom. Quite fitting, isn't?

Avalon globe
As the story goes, the land known as Kingdom is open once every 500 years and may stay open for only a few years to whole centuries. While the world rushes by and civilizations rise and fall; Kingdom stands still in time until it magically reopens. Within Kingdom is said to have vast amounts of treasure, riches, and power and whoever lays claim to it will establish themselves as the main power of the continent.

Historically, the Kingdom has only been claimed five times in the past millennium and these civilizations that once conquered it have fallen into dust due to infighting, wars, and sabotage. The last time Kingdom opened, it caused an all-out war between the people resulting in a global catastrophe of which none now remember of it. What is remembered is due to being written in scrolls that survived the tragic turn of events. What was described in these scrolls was a rain of fire erupting in the sky and scorching the land underneath. Since then, Kingdom never opened in what would be the longest time it would be remained closed; for over 8,000 years. But that was until now, though. With Kingdom open after such a long time, we are sure to see some dramatic battles unfolding.

With Kingdom being set on a massive super continent, there sure has to be different cultures and races explored within this world, right? Well, yes and no. Not in the sense of what we are used to. We cannot comment if this is indeed a past or future Earth but you will come into contact with many animals that we currently recognize such as tigers and elephants. Actually, coming into contact with them is putting it lightly. You will be jumping into their get the picture.

The world of Kingdom is composed of anthropomorphic creatures commonly known as "Beasties". They inhabit a large variety of environments and have created mass cities where they govern their own kingdoms and empires. Some of them are rather antagonistic and aggressively expansive such as Aslandia Empire while others, such as as, is a company dedicated to expanding research to better the lives of others. Each one has their own reasons for wanting to enter into Kingdom and take the riches for themselves.

Prince Leopold

Princeleopold profile

Starting us out is the Warrior, Prince Leopold. Prince Leopold hails from the Aslandia Empire and is the third prince within the royal line. His older-brother is the crowned prince and will succeed his father upon his death. Prince Leopold is a product of the highly aggressive and expansion is Aslandia Empire who holds Aslandian superiority beliefs which has brought it into conflicts with other rulers and kingdoms. In fact, the Aslandia Empire holds several tribute kingdoms under themselves which makes up the Aslandia Imperium. Prince Leopold, angered over being cast as the third son, seeks riches and glory within Kingdom and hopes to bring the treasure and power to his home in order to elevate his own standing within his father's eyes. Despite this ulterior motive, he is dedicated to his Empire and would gladly die for it if given the chance. Maybe this is what he actually seeks.

Prince Leopold is your typical attacker with a focus on Fire and Earth elements. He attacks uses his greatsword Lionsbane and focuses on delivering powerful, guard-breaking attacks. Prince Leopold is best played fighting in the most brutal of conditions and attacking even when damaged. Players who hide or hit-and-run will not see much character progression within Prince Leopold. He is a character with an aggressive and dynamic personality that thrives on battle and seeks glory for himself and his Empire. We will be revealing all of the character's abilities on a later date though we will be high lighting some of them here in this Direct.

Obviously, Prince Leopold uses his Lionsbane for attacks which gives him a huge edge of power and ranging output. Charging that attack allows for an overhead power slash attack that can break guards and defenses. His secondary attack is Heavy Claw in which Prince Leopold slashes aggressively with his lions claw. One of his Beast Skills is Fire Caller which Prince Leopold ignites Lionsbane and spins rapidly while swinging his sword. It is a very aggressive attack that is great in plowing through defenses or large groups of enemies. Prince Leopold is great for players who favor a high risk high reward type playstyle and wants to focus on offense rather than defense.]

Queen Bee

QueenBee profile

Our second character we plan to highlight is our first Defender character, Queen Bee. Queen Bee is, as you can imagine, a bee that's a queen. In fact, she's the Hive Queen and commands the massive flying fortress, the Hiveship. While some many question why such an important figurehead would be risking herself in such a battle. The thing is she isn't only by herself - she has the unwavering support of over a million of her drones, warriors, and workers. The Hive's goals in regards to Kingdom is unknown but they are actively searching for it. Perhaps to brings the riches to the Hiveship? Maybe even to park the Hiveship for a permanent colony? The Hive are a secretive and enigmatic power in the world that constantly seeks to expand its influence.

Queen Bee, as stated, is apart of the Defender class uses her bee drones and abilities to provide much needed defense to her allies. These attacks are set up in preventing opponents in setting up an advantage point, creating choke points, and providing cover fire for her allies. Her bee drones are excellent choices in this area because they have the capability if spreading damage throughout an entire area instead of a single localized area.

Besides her drones, she can also use sticky honey to keep hold of opponents and prevent them from progressing further. This aids in denying them from key advantage points and bottle-necking opponents. Or just sticking opponent in a bad spot and letting lose on them. But make no mistake though, Queen Bee and most Defenders do not have the firepower or strength like Warriors or Tanks to punch holes into opponents. They will not be winning any strength contests. They are key to maintaining lines and providing much needed back up and area control for their allies. Queen Bee does this by bees and honey - how appropriate.

General O.R, Tuskerr

Generaltusker profile

Our third character comes from the Tanker class. He is General O.R. Tuskerr. General Tuskerr is an old war hero of the Whalehall Federation which resides in the coldest regions of Avalon. He is a career soldier and general, a brilliant strategist, and one hell of a fighter. After serving 50 years within the Federations military, the prospect of living a cushy and comfortable retirement was at odds with his own mithos - duty, sacrifice, and glory. Without any hesitation, he ordered the military on stand-by and waded into Kingdom on his own to faithfully serve his people and country.

General Tuskerr is conventional and traditional - he doesn't deviate from his strict code of conduct. He seems things in black and white and will always way decisions based on the needs of his country. Therefore, he best fits the Tanker class. Large, bulky, and full of power - General Tuskerr can cut deep into the opponents defensive line while absorbing massive amounts of damage. He boasts large amounts of health, power, and armoring. However, he is incredibly slow and heavy thus reducing his ability to keep up with smaller and lighter characters. This becomes a problem with those who are both powerful AND fast.

General Tuskerr carries his trusty The Fang with him which increases his range due to the length of the weapon. Moving into enemy territory; he makes deep cuts and can even freeze the fortifications. He is an excellent choice for someone who wants to break though enemy lies to allow his or her allies. He can increase his mobility and limit others by encasing the ground in ice. In addition, he can deliver massively powerful ice-based attacks to freeze advancing enemies in their tracks. Or he can help allies who are in desperate need of help. If that is your preferred playstyle, General Tuskerr is your man...err...walrus.

Usagi Bolt

UsagiBolt profile

The final character in this Direct is the Speedster, Usagi Bolt. Usagi Bolt, unlike the other Beasties, does not originate from a country or empire but, rather, a company. He is considered a courier for this company and uses his speed to deliver messages and information throughout the continent. He is one of the fastest there is. Usagi Bolt is a quick thinker, a quicker talker, and even quicker to decide on what to do in a given situation. He is completely loyal to his company, the Blue Fellowship Company. This company strives to bridge communities and countries together and to provide assistance to those in need. They hope to share the riches of Kingdom between everyone and that a combined continental effort in sharing and enjoying these riches will lead to everlasting peace. Some feel though that this organization is actually not as benevolent as they seem and might even have darker goals.

Usagi Bolt is a fast character and can be seen speeding about the arena on his quick feet. He has excellent mobility, jumping, evading, and pivoting ability. Not only that he also boasts quick weapon speed with his blaster able to unleash energy shots in rapid succession. He also boasts high drawing speed in regards to his blasters. The speed can be further augmented by adding certain modifiers. However, he doesn't deal that much damage as a result; even if he has a high rate of attack speed. Though if he shoots enough, he can certainly pierce through even a Tankers armor. Usagi is best running laps around the opponents to out speed them while unleashing rapid fire. He is also effective at hit and run tactics though his attack power isn't sufficient enough for it to make a huge dent.

Usagi Bolt is capable of using his blaster to unleash a torrent of damage. He can even summon a second "phantom" blaster for extra damage. He can also increase his speed by drawing it from health points. This is called Hypernygy though it must be used tactility due to Usagi's already low HP stats. He also boasts a number of other speed-boosting attacks. Those who like to live life at insane speeds and enjoy zipping around the area - Usagi is the bunny for the job!


Development for Kingdom came about as LostSynth Productions was originally creating a new Mii-oriented game called Mii Wars where players control their Mii's and outfits them with weaponry and armor. Then, they can take them online and battle it out in various zones. The idea wasn't scrapped but shelved for the time being as resources and time were dedicated to a more promising prospect Kingdom. The game is confirmed to come out on the Nintendo Wii U but a subscription for $17.99 can be purchased to allow it being played on both the Nintendo 3DS as well as the upcoming Nintendo NX. Players can have individual accounts on all 3 systems or swap characters between the two. In addition, it will be made available on both the New Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo NX physically and digitally. The game will also support cross-compatable play allowing players to compete against each other on a wide variety of systems.


  • Usagi Bolt was originally named Jack Bolt.

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