King of Koopalings
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) MOBA
Series Super Mario
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King of Koopalings is a MOBA which features most Koopalings and related Koopas as playable characters.


You play as one of many Koopalings in a team of at least three other Koopalings. You must defeat the other team, which is also made of Koopalings. There can be up to 5 koopalings per team. You have to destroy the other team's Castle and Towers.

Each Koopaling has four moves which vary depending on the character. One of these moves is an "Ultimate", which is usually very strong, but takes a long time to reload or hinders the koopaling in some way. Each character has a basic attack as well, which is always a fireball of that Koopaling's main color.

The characters are not alone attacking the other team. The towers have Magikoopas in them, which attacks enemies that get too close to towers. Using money got from defeating others, you can also purchase Troop classes, which are rather weak but also attack enemies.

You can level up by getting experience from troops, Koopalings and towers. This experience can be spent in attacks to make them stronger.

Players can choose between a first-person view, a view from the back or a view from the top, depending on the user's preference.

Each player has a rank. Your rank increases when you win, but lowers when you lose. The rank cap is 100, while the minimum rank is -50. You only fight people from around your rank in order to reduce imbalances.


All character have a "Class" and a "Sub-Class". Theses are mostly made to help people choose thier character. There are three classes.

  • Offensive: These characters are used to attack the other team.
  • Defensive: These characters are used to defend it's own team.
  • Supporting: These characters are used to support it's own team.

Sub-Classes define the attributes of a character:

  • Tank: These characters are usually slow, but are strong and are hard to get rid of.
  • Speedster: These characters are fast, and may or may not be strong depending on thier class.
  • All-Around: These characters have balanced stat, through they might lean through one particular stat.
  • Helper: These characters are fast and have high defense. They may be used to replace Supporting as a class.

Playable Characters





First Move

Second Move


Third Move



LarrySSB4Larry Koopa

Offensive Tank

Larry is the leader of the Koopalings when Ludwig is not. He fights in a Clown Car here. He is rather slow, but makes up for it by having powerful moves.

Klown Cannon

The Clown Car's mouth opens and shoots a powerful cannonball.

Repair Ship

Larry grabs a wrench and repairs his Clown Car. This heals him some health.

Water Spray

The Clown Car opens two cannons at it's side and sprays water around it, slowing down enemies.


Spiked Pillar

A spiked pillar pokes out of the ground. This deals powerful damage to enemies and stuns them for a split second.


Morton Koopa Jr.

Defensive Tank

Morton Jr. is one of the biggest Koopalings. He wields a magic hammer. He loves eating and is very chatty at times.

Ground Pound

Morton jumps in the air and falls on the ground, creating a shockwave which stuns others.

Sand Column

Morton whacks the ground with the hammer, creating three pillars in front of him that blocks attack.

Tornado Blast

Morton whacks the air, creating a tornado which launches enemies away.


Morton Koopa Jr. creates a sandstorm which blinds enemies and deals small damage over time.


Wendy O. Koopa

Supporting Speedster

Wendy O. Koopa is the only female of the original koopalings. She uses rings of different colors to fight.

Ring Heal

Wendy O. launches a yellow ring at the ground, creating a shockwave that heals alies.

Ring Teleportation

Wendy O. launches a green ring which teleports enemies to her. This is mostly useful with melee characters.

Ring Attack

Wendy O. launches a fast red ring which deals low damage, but has a very low cooldown.

Ring Freeze

Wendy O. launches a blue ring on the ground, which creates a shockwave that deals low damage and stuns enemies.


Iggy Koopa

Defensive Helper

Iggy is a mad scientist who comes up with many spells for the Koopalings. He uses some of those in the battles.

Shield Magic

Iggy uses a spell to increase the defense of thoses around him for a few seconds.

Minion Summon

Iggy summons a random monster. Higher levels make Iggy summon stronger monsters.

Freeze Shard

Iggy launches an ice gem from his wand. This slows down the enemy and deals average damage.

Chain Chomp

Iggy summons a Chain Chomp that wildly attacks enemies for a few seconds.


Roy Koopa

Offensive Tank

Roy Koopa likes to do "cool" things. He owns a customized Bill Blaster. He has very powerful ranged attacks.

Bullet Bill

Roy Koopa launches a Bullet Bill out of his cannon. This deals high damage.


Roy Koopa uses his Bullet Bill like a flamethrower. This does average damage and leaves enemies on fire.


Roy Koopa tosses a Bomb-Omb which explodes after a few seconds, dealing high damage.

King Bill

Roy Koopa launches a King Bill from his cannon. It takes a very long time for it to reload, but it deals extremely high damage.

200px-Lemmy Koopa NSMBU

Lemmy Koopa

Offensive Speedster

Lemmy Koopa may look like a child, but he's actually older then even Roy! He loves his bouncy balls and rides one in the battles.

Ball Bomb

Lemmy launches a bouncing ball-like bomb which explodes when touched, dealing strong damage.

Ball Charge

Lemmy charges his ball before rushing on his enemies with it, dealing average damage.

Ball Boost

Lemmy's ball gains more stars, and Lemmy gains permanently a little more speed.

Repair Ball

Lemmy launches a ball on a tower, fully healing it. Destroyed towers are also repaired with 1/4 of thier max health.


Ludwig Von Koopa

Defensive Helper

Ludwig Von Koopa is the oldest of the original Koopalings and is sometimes thier leader. He loves music, but is apparently deaf.

Ally Jump

Ludwig jumps towards his nearest ally, giving them a small health boost if successful.


Ludwig creates a duplicate of himself which moves by it's own but doesn't attacks.


This attack is very similar to the basic attack, but Ludwig shoots multiple flames depending on the move's level.

Sacrifice of Boost

Ludwig permanently lowers his health, but gives boosts of speed, attack and defense to his allies.

468px-Bowserjr MP9

Bowser Jr.

Offensive Speedster

Bowser Jr. is the prince of the Koopas. He is also Bowser's favorite son. He is a spoiled brat.

Shell Rush

Bowser Jr. goes in his shell and rams towards the enemy. This deals average damage but he is invincible while using this move.

Leap of Damage

Bowser Jr. leaps to a targeted location, dealing damage to anyone he hits in the way,


Bowser Jr. uses his paintbrush to create a puddle that damages anyone it touches.

Masked Identity

Bowser Jr. uses his paintbrush to transform himself into a Koopaling of the other team.


Dragonia Koopa


Dragonia Koopa is one of the youngest Koopalings. She is very smart despite her age and likes creating new spells.


Dragonia launches a spell that lowers the stats of the ones it hits.


Dragonia launches a fast, but rather weak thunderbolt.

Glass Wall

Dragonia creates a wall of glass. The walls shields all attacks but breaks easily.

Darkness Beam

Dragonia charges a powerful  black beam from the ground.


Justin Koopa

Offensive Speedster

Justin is a young koopaling. He was possesed by an "animal spirit" in his youth. He is rather clever.


Justin launches a fireball from his hand. It deals weak damage but explodes when it hits an enemy.


Justin grows wings and goes in the sky to avoid attacks.

Ice Slash

Justin grows ice claws and slashes enemies with it, slowing them down.

Animal Spirit

Justin becomes more menacing and his attack is boosted a lot for three seconds.


Jackson Koopa

Offensive Helper

Jackson believes he is the coolest Koopaling. He seems obsessed with poison and also has likes for music.

Toxic Metal

Jackson plays metal on an electric guitar, poisoning enemies near him.

Rockin Strength

Jackson plays rock on his guitar, upgrading his allies's attack.

Poison Puddle

Jackson Koopa creates a puddle of poison with a wand, damaging enemies.

Pop Party

Jackson plays pop with his guitar, slightly boosting the stats of everyone on the team.


Bazyli Koopa

Offensive Tank

Bazyli is an otherwise normal Koopaling who got his right arm burned with lava. It was replaced with a rocket launcher.

Cannon Block

Bazyli uses his cannon to block a physical or projectile attack.

Homing Missile

Bazyli launches a rather weak homing missile from his rocket launcher.

Laser Tech

Bazyli uses a devices in his cannon to throw a weak laser. It has a very low cooldown however.


Bazyli throws an huge laser that deals average damage at an quick rate from his robotic arm.


Ellen D. Koopa

Supporting Speedster

Ellen is considered one of the calmest koopalings. But don't even dare calling her a goody two-shoes!

Winged Block

Ellen jumps on a winged block and flies to a targetted location.

Speed Spell

Ellen launches a spell from her wand which increases an anly's speed.

Fireball Spit

Ellen spits a fireball which can set an enemy on fire, dealing damage over time to them.

Elling Storm

Ellen summons many "Elloombas", which then attack enemies.


Ross Koopa

Defensive Speedster

Ross is a prankster, to the point it annoys the others. But he's actually pretty smart and he's loyal to Bowser.

Whoopee Cushion

Ross launches a whoopee cushion which stuns an enemy for 1 second if it hits.


Ross creates a wall of fire that blocks attacks and deals slight damage.

Fire Trail

Ross runs, with fire appearing in his trail, damaging enemies who step on the flames.

Trick Attack

Ross approaches an enemy, before dashing to the other side and punching them.


Mulgarth Koopa

Defensive Helper

Mulgarth is obssesed with nature. He owns a pet Fuzzy named Patroclo, giving him a permanent eye infection.

Patroclo Launch

Mulgarth throws Partoclo, which attacks foes for a few seconds.

Nature Shield

Mulgarth surrounds himself with plants, shielding him from attacks.


Mulgarth summons sunflowers that slowly regenerate his team's health.

Thorn Trap

Mulgarth traps a foe inside of thorns, preventing it from moving and dealing damage to it.


Troop Description Troop Description

Goomba CTTT


Cost: Spawns from the start

Goombas are the weakest troops of Bowser. They are very weak, but can be powerful when used right.

20140219162407!Koopa SM3DL

Koopa Troopa

Cost: 150$

Koopa Troopas are rather weak, like Goombas, through they have stronger resistance.


Buzzy Beetle

Cost: 200$

Buzzy Beetles have very strong defense. However, they are the weakest troops offensively.


Shy Guy

Cost: 200$

Shy Guy are very mysterious things. Their attack is launching a vegetable, making it useful to attack from a distance.



Cost: 300$

This enemy can pass through walls, meaning you can't escape from it. Very good to get rid of defensive characters.



Cost: 800$

This enemy explodes when it's near a Tower or a Koopaling. Did I also mention it also explodes when you kill it?


Name Layout Description
Clash Castle TBA A castle map, also one of the most normal map. It is very flat. There is a few paths that branch off from the otherwise rectangular layout of it.