King of Frost

the frozen feet himself, King of Frost

King of Frost appears in Jaydenworld and Jaydenworld .D.I.Y.. he has to be in a cold area or he will melt, without leaving anything, making sure players in Jaydenworld .D.I.Y. put him in a cold area for it to be fitting.


  • he seems to be related to Big Bob-omb
  • If Jayden does not wear Mittens when he tries to turn King of Frost's key, he will freaze and lose a life.
  • When King of Frost is defeated, he drops his crown.
  • there is a glitch that can happen with him before Jayden turns his key, If Jayden saves right in front of King of Frost and tries to turn his key in the first five seconds, he will turn the key with sucuse without the use of mittens.

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