King Tut Koopa

King Tut Koopa in Mario Pinball Land.

King Tut Koopa is an ancient Koopa Troopa pharaoh, who first appeared in the game Mario Pinball Land as a boss inside the pyramid of Shifting Sands. He attacked Mario by using magic to make pillars of sand to crush Mario with, Mario had to bash him with his own pillars 3 times to defeat him.

Game Appearances

Omega Pharaoh

King Tut Koopa will be returning in the game New Super Mario Bros. Omega as the boss of Pharaoh's Maze Room, the fortress of World 3, Spooky Ruins. This is his first 3D appearance. He can shrink Mario with the rays he shoots. To defeat him, Mario has to jump on one of the two pillars' orbs, making him grow. This allows him to stomp King Tut Koopa, and make him hurt. This has to be repeated three times.

Mario Party Z

In Mario Party Z,King Tut appears as the main boss of the board Tutan Desert.


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