King Taco is the leader of Salsh.

King Taco
Full Name King Taco
Current Age 100,650,500,308
Gender Male
Location Salsalin
Current Status Alive
Class bosses, kings
Koopa Team, Goomba Team
Family and Relations
King Koopa
Main Weapon(s) Taco Tanks, Cannons
Ability/ies Shooting Taco Pieces, Killing Evil Buritos in one hit.
Vulnerable To Water
King Koopa, Goomboss
Latest Appearance Mario Bros 2

His favorite foods(Beside Tacos)

His Army

King Taco has a massive army. This is his army:

  • The King Him Self
  • Prince Taco
  • Buritio
  • Taco
  • Mexican Hat
  • Salsa
  • 50,000,000 taco tanks
  • 60,000,000 burito tanks
  • Shotgun Tacos
  • Pistol Tacos
  • Rifle Tacos
  • Missle Tacos
  • Burtito Bomber Man
  • Burito Cooker
  • Burito Soldiers
  • Dumbest Burito
  • Aiplane Burito
  • Airplane Taco


His Stats are:

Attack: 90

Defence: 50

Speed: 30


King Taco was born in 134. He lived and was educated in Solane High School. He graduated and became a doctor. He siezed control of Salsh in 1098 and became the Empernor. Later, he joined the Koopa Troop. He was mutanted and later left Koopa Troop to control Salsh again.


  • Food: Tacos, Buritos
  • Transportions: Taco Car
  • TV Show: ????????????????