King Spook's apperance

As long as you give credit to me, ApsBooProductions, I don't mind if you use this character.

King Spook is a character in upcoming ApsBooProductions series games. He looks similar to King Boo, but has a very different personality.

Physical Apperance

King Spook looks like a classic bed sheet ghost. He is a floating, glowing blue sheet. with two cut out-looking gray eyes. He also has a mouth with one fang in it and a golden crown on top of his head.


His personality is very mush unlike King Boo. King Spook is a nice character that doesn't mind getting help from others. He pulls pranks that aren't as scary as he wants them to be, and is generally considered a comedian. He tries to be scary, but ke never normally is.


Coming soon (Unless you have one!)

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