King Spike
Gender Male
Location Mt. Bluefrost
Main Weapon(s) Spike ball, feet
Ability/ies Throw, stomp
Vulnerable To Gut
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
King Spike is the king of Spikes. He lives on Mt. Bluefrost


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

When Wario comes to Mt. Bluefrost, in search of the Page Mage Spellbook, but he is challenged by King Spike to battle, after battle, King Spike gives Wario the spellbook. Later, when the Mushroom Behemoth is heading for Toad Town, you can see King Spike and the others flying off in a hot air balloon.


  • His crown has a scene of a Spike taking the Page Mage Spellbook to Mt. Bluefrost.

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