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Not to be confused with Shy Guy King or King Guy.

King Shy Guy
King Shy Guynew
King Shy Guy by Topaz and as he appears in Mario Party Aurora
Species Shy Guy
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Gemstone
Vulnerable To Cannonballs, Ground Pound (Possessed)

King Shy Guy is a yellow Shy Guy who rules over all of the Shy Guy race. He is best friends with Goomboss.

Appearance and Personality

He is a golden Shy Guy with green shoes, and a crown with a gemstone similar to King Boo's. He is evil and sometimes bossy and demandful, and he can lose his temper quite easily.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover He appears in the 2nd Chapter, When Shy Guys Attack as the boss of this chapter, he is flying on his airship that looks like blue LEGO bricks being hold up by 2 propellers, he held Kirby captive in a cage while Mario came back to his dimension, he takes over the Mushroom Kingdom with a fleet of Shy Guy Airships and kidnapped Peach for Bowser. He attacks Mario by grabbing a cannon and shoot cannonballs down at him, Mario must trick him into shooting the cannonball onto the trampoline, after the cannonball hits the trampoline, it bounces back to the airship and blows parts of it up, this method must be repeated 5 times for him to be defeated, his airship explodes and Peach falls off of it and was taken away by Bone Magikoopa to a place called "The Sphinx", he is encountered again in the seventh chapter possessed by a Dark Cloud who now looks purple with a gray mask and red shoes with a pink strap and his crown's stripe color is purple, and he looks big, he attacks Mario by charging into him, he must eventually trick him into hitting a tree and ground pound on him, this method must be repeated 6 times to defeat him, after being defeated, he spits out the Dark Cloud who drops a chest with the tablet piece.

Mario Party Aurora

King Shy Guy appears in the game as the seventh mid-boss on the board Ludwig's Shy Guy Refuge.



  • Despite that he follows orders of Bowser, he has a blueprint that shows the Shy Guys overthrowing him and claiming his place as the ruler of the Koopa Troopas, suggesting that King Shy Guy plans onto betraying Bowser after completing his job.

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