King Pokey is an exceptionally ugly Pokey dictator, and the main villain of Pokey's Island. He sets the plot of the game in motion and is fought as the boss of World 16: Castle. King Pokey is one of the biggest video game baddies ever, and the game's heroic Pokey protagonist is going to have to pile high to stand a chance against him.


Pokey's Island

The story of Pokey's Island begins with King Pokey looking upon the inhabitants of the titular island with contempt. The King is shown to value ugliness and displeasure, contrasting with the Pokeys' artful lifestyles. As he begins to launch his attack on the island, he also hypnotizes its inhabitants into joining his evil army.

King Pokey also commands his subjects to collect stuff for him. Lots and lots of stuff, preferrably round and/or pointy. Why? Perhaps the player will find out upon reaching his dangerous Castle...


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