King Plumber is a 3D Platformer by Niche.Studios, released for major game consoles such as Storybook, Wii U, Hybrid Δ, Nintendo IC, Nintendo VR, Lunar Comet, Nintendo NS, Nintendo 3DS, and Storybook Fire.


The Fantendoverse Gods are not happy, Fantendo is being governed badly. The people are divided for and against the king, fighting over their ruler. King Drake is chosen by The Gods to bring peace to his country, if not bad things will occur. He fails and havoc is wreaked through Fantendo, by The Enemy and many Fantendoverse enemies.

The Gods promise to King Drake that Fantendo will be rebuilt eventually, but he flees. And The Gods find their heir of Fantendo, to bring peace and tranquility to Fantendo. Plumber is chosen, he is entrusted with the Power of the Gods, and a Master Crusher, a hoover device which inhales wrecks of buldings to turn into a weapon to fire at enemies. To clear the area and save Fantendo.


The game is a free roam 3D platformer, where you defeat enemies and try and clear the area.



The game was revived after a long abandonment in March 2013 by Niche Studios.

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