King Plumber's Army are a association football team in the Fantendo Football League they joined in Season 3. And were comprised of Unten and co. and some characters with not enough characters to make a team of there own. Due to transfer of Unten and PalmMan characters to the Classic XI, new squad members will be needed to recruit. In spite of this, and similarities, their fierce rivals are the Classic XI. They also represent new Fantendo, while Classic represents old. They play at the Plumber's Castle Gym.


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Manager: King Plumber
Formation: 4-4-2
GK Future Warrior
RB Kier
LB Xyphyl the Red Mew
CB Spaghetti (vice-captain)
CB King Plumber (player manager)
RM Fred the Purple Monkey
LM Savant the Goetian
CM [[Light (character)|]]
CM The Enemy (captain)
ST Yukimazan
ST Mick




They wear darker blue shorts and brown socks at home, and in Europe.

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