"No, no, no! I want my summer home, and I want it face to face with that little brat!"

- King Lerna, The Legend of Coyo.

King Lerna Hydrius, or simply King Lerna or King Hydrius, is the main antagonist of The Legend of Coyo series.


Lerna is a large reptiallian creature with three heads (The center one is said to be Lerna, while the other two are Idna [far left] and Ekiddy [far right]) and it seems the other two don't control the rest of the body, or can talk at all. He stands upright with a large white suit with a single sapphire in the middle. He also has a large cuff covering his neck and two three-fingered hands with white gloves placed on them. He also seems to have red cape, though it is not seen in the official artwork.


Lerna is incredibly cruel and self-loathing, invading an entire island (The Cammy Isles) simply for a summer home. He rules over his Island, Lernia, with an iron fist. It seems he's un-caring of any life but himself, even sacrificing his forces to buy him time. Lerna can even be considered childish, throwing fits when he doesn't get what he wants - and it seems his servants work purely out of fear.


Lerna has appeared in The Legend of Coyo, The Legend of Coyo II: Kojira's Keep, and The Legend of Coyo III: Charm of Igma.


  • According to The Legend of Coyo III: Charm of Igma, Lerna is a decendant from the beast Igma, and it is unknown if Lerna himself knows this.
  • Originally, Lerna was to be revealed three snakes disguised as a single entity. This idea was later dropped.

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