You have stuck around too long Fandro, you're like the taffy between my teeth...
King Krunchkake

King KrunchKake Kake Krunch
King KrunchKake
The main antagonist of Demolish Nation, by Exotoro (tbc)
Full Name King Krunchkake
Current Age 31
Date of Birth SecurityStar, Blobstar.
Gender Male
Species Blob
Location SecurityStar
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Dark Magic
Vulnerable To Hygiene material
First Appearance Fandro RPG: The War Against Krunchkake
King KrunchKake Kake Krunch is the main antagonist of Demolish Nation. is the self-proclaimed ruler of Blobstar, and is the mastermind behind every plot in the main Fandro series.  Usually he has the role of being the preultimate or final boss.


King KrunchKake is a selfish ruler who has no care for his people.  He's very cruel and sometimes starves his people to death.  He can use his dark magic to destroy whoever disobeys him.  His only fright is hygiene, which he refuses to deal with.



King KrunchKake hates Fandro and one of his biggest desires is to destroy him.  The only thing they agree with one another is that they hate Bob.


Much like Fandro, King KrunchKake hates Bob and his absolute biggest desire besides to rule all is to destroy Bob the Blob when it is possible.

Other Blobs

King KrunchKake reviews every single other blob as worthless and weak and sometimes dislikes them so much that he tries to starve them to death.

Boss Theme



  • Indigo Fusionbolt is responsible for the odd naming of King KrunchKake.
  • In Fandro RPG: Stray By Me, he states that KrunchKake is just a nickname and that his real name is Caine Mékake. This is non-canonical.

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