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Notice:Due to the vandals above no one exept me shall ever edit this page. Understand??? King Kobra 2 is a video game by Lunar Co. for the Lunar Comet. It is the sequal to the cult hits King Kobra (Gameboy) and King Kobra 64 (N64).


  • Rolph Jr.
  • Gremlin
  • Cokrinn
  • Jet
  • Kitty
  • Mya


The game will feature mulitplayer.

Online Play

An online play mode is confirmed, but not co-op.


Co-op and minigame modes are confirmed for local (250 yard limit) multiplayer.


  • Swing Planet- The first world is where Rolph Jr., Gremlin, Cokrinn, Jet, and Kitty are left to wonder just what happened.
  • XSmash Planet- a world where brute beats brains.


King Kobra 2 was originaly anounced at E3 2002 as a planned Game Boy Advanced game. Other than being a port, it included new characters, missions, and modes. It was also to have a game mod feature.

No word on King Kobra 2 was said until December 2006. Developer Lunar Co. (uSoft at time) was faced with hard question: What the heck happened to King Kobra 2? Other than comment, Lunar Co. just left.

In 2008, speculation rose online with rumours of King Kobra 2 as launch titles for the Next Gen Console and NGP. By Mid-2009, the rumours had been killed.

In late 2010, Lunar Co. reveled that it was working on several new projects for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii 2 (see Nintendventure and CuBeasts), leaving much interweb-hype about King Kobra 2's revival.

In October 2011, when Lunar Co. confirmed rumours of a NGP, they also confirmed this game as a launch/near title coming soon.

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