King Kanvas
King Kanvas
King Kanvas in Doodlemen RPG.
Full Name King Kanvas
Gender Male
Location New Canvas
Current Status Alive
Class Helper
Main Weapon(s) Sketchies
Vulnerable To Evil Drawings
Latest Appearance Doodlemen RPG

King Kanvas is a large royal blue Sketchy king, that rules over New Canvas. He is jolly and helpful in Doodlemen RPG, in which he debuts.


Doodlemen RPG

King Kanvas is first created by Artie in the events of Doodlemen RPG. He appears as Dudle and Dudlette's king. During a few battles, he helps them out, by giving hints on how and attack, and sends them letters that give helpful tips about different things. He is the one that sends them on the quest for the Rubolet in the first place.


  • King Kanvas's name comes from the word canvas, in which New Canvas is where they live.
  • King Kanvas was going to be purple, which is also a royal color.