King K. Rool (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Donkey Kong
Official Debut Donkey Kong Country
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Canonball Rain
King K. Rool is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified from the Donkey Kong franchise.


K. Rool plays offensive tricks and traps to pressure opponents into making mistakes. The wrong move of the opponent leaves them open for K. Rool to punish his foe. K. Rool could also be punished himself by the same tactic. So it's best to keep K. Rool away from his own tricks and don't go all out offensive without pressuring opponents.

Special Attacks
Neutral Special Blunderbuss Can fire a spiked ball or air to get away
Side Special Krown Toss King K. Rool tosses his crown at his foes. Comes right back regardless of getting hit 
Up Special Hover Kopter King K. Rool utilizes the jetpack to carry him up.
Down Special Electric Trap Sets an electric trap. Can backfire on K. Rool if he gets caught.
Final Smash Canonball Rain
Custom Moves 1
Neutral Special Rocket Glove Sends a deflectable rocket glove.
Side Special Confusing Air Shoots bubbles of air that scrambles the foes movements.
Up Special KAOS Leap Jumps off of KAOS
Down Special Invisible Charge Charges at foes when invisible. His shadow gives him away.
Custom Moves 2
Neutral Special Canonball Toss Takes a canonball and tosses it. Charging increases distance.
Side Special Remote Shock Bomb Uses electric propelled bombs for s shocking blast
Up Special Lifting Air King K. Rool uses his blunderbuss to charge to higher heights. Can change direction based on movement input.
Down Special Launching Roll Crouches the best he can and launches into a roll.

Ground Attacks:Edit

Jab: Uses only one claw strike

Side Tilt: Delivers a powerful punch.

Up Tilt: Jumps up and hits foes with his crown 

Down Tilt: Uses his tail

Side Smash: Hits foe with the Blunderbuss similar how did to a captured Donkey Kong in DKC2

Up Smash: His Kopter blades pop out to attack foes

Down Smash: King K. Rool whips his tail forward and back.

Dash Attack: Violently marches on foes.

Get up: Claws forward and back.

Air Attacks:Edit

Neutral: Uses a claw

Forward Air: Takes his crown and hits people with it.

Back Air: Uses his tail

Down Air: Sends K. Rool into a ground pound

Up Air: Holds out a Klaptrap to multiple biting the foe


Pummel: Bites his foes

Forward: Roughly tosses his foe forward

Back: Uses the Blunderbuss handle to hit the foe 

Down: Hits foe with open hands after slamming them on ground. Loosely based on DK: Jungle Climber

Up: Uppercuts foe like he upppercuts Chunky in DK64.

Special Animations:Edit

Up Taunt: Raises up his Blunderbuss

Side Taunt: Pets a Klaptrap crocodile for a short time.

Down Taunt: Plays dead, quickly opens an eye, and gets back up

Victory Animation: Throws his arms up like he does when he prematurely celebrates in DK64

Victory Animation 2: Looks at the camera, poses, and gives a disturbing grin

Victory Animation 3: King K. Rool hops around and gives a glare towards the camera

Trophy InfoEdit

King K. RoolEdit

Leader of Kremlings and enemy to the Kongs, King K. Rool is a crocodile bent on defeating Donkey Kong and stealing his bananas. He is a "K. Rool" and merciless villain who is cold-blooded, both figuratively and literally. He brings all the tricks he can to Smash. Now that he is in Smash, this will be his finest hour. I think the other Smashers could say that he's one them.

King K. Rool (Alt)Edit

King K. Rool's Blunderbuss is a tricky weapon. It can fire a spiked ball as a trap or use air by tiliting after the special button press, propeling in the direction tilted. The air shooting makes for a surprise recovery or striking get away if needed. Krown Toss tosses K. Rool's crown in a straight line but not dragging foes when it hits. Hover Kopter does lift King K. Rool up, but it's horizontal coverage is great. The copter also provides minor protection from threats above. The Invisible Charge makes K. Rool invisible, but it doesn't protect him and his shadow tips him off. It hits hard to compensate for its predictability.

Canonball RainEdit

King K. Rool brings out seemingly automated ships that fire canon balls that rain down on the stage. These canonballs are tough to dodge, but King K. Rool isn't stuck in one place. He can move around and make things worse for his foes by hitting them into the canon balls while the rain down all over the stage. His canonball supply may be endless, but the Final Smash isn't. This only happens for a short time.

Alt Costumes/PalettesEdit

Alternate Costume
Default Green K. Rool's King appearance mixed of Paon's and Rare's designs
Palette Black K. Rool's skin turns black 
Palette Green K. Rool's skin is a darker shade of green
Palette Yellow K. Rool skin color swaps with his mid section colors.
Alt Red K. Rool's "Kaptain" pirate outfit look from DKC2
Alt White K. Rool's "K. Roolstein" mad scientist look from DKC3
Alt Blue

K. Rool's "Krusha" boxer look from DK64

X-over Red K. Rool takes King Dedede's outfit as his own

Special Attrib.Edit

  • Phoenix Wright's evidence against King K. Rool is imprisoned Lanky and Chunky photos and him playing dead.
  • Kirby gains King K. Rool's head piece and gains the Blunderbuss as a Copy Ability
  • King K. Rool's victory theme is a remix of a life loss theme in DKC.


  • King K. Rool was a character brought in due to huge fan demand and the director happily obliged.
  • The trophy info is a reference to the TV show and movie quotes of King K. Rool.
  • The remote shock Bombs are combining basic round bombs and electric streams from Donkey Kong Land 3.