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"King K.Rool commands the fight!" (Introduction tagline) 

King K.Rool is now ready for Smash! He is the Donkey Kong archenemy so will he defeat DK in this game? He is a brick and his main element is Iron.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Cannonball. King K.Rool shots with his cannon a ball which inflicts 20% of damage.

Side Special: Cannonboost. King K.Rool shots fire with his cannon and travels so fast in the stage inflicting 9% of damage.

Up Special: Propeller K.Rool. King K.Rool uses his propeller to fly.

Down Special: King Bomb. King K.Rool jumps and inflicts 25% of damage with his bottom.

Final Smash: Kludge. Kludge comes and beat the opponents with his fists inflicting 27% a fist.

Special Ability: Extreme weight. King K.Rool is the heaviest character in the game so he has got some unique features: water and wind cannot move him and Pikmins can't cling on him and he can't swim.

Unlock Criteria

Win 3 matches in Frozen Island.

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