King Ignus is a major character in Skip and Sqak 3. He is the biological father of Skip and husband of Aleena. He is the former king of Samos Jungle until his death, leaving Aleena to rule the jungle and village alone. He is very tough to his subjects. He was once a joyful frog like his wife, but after their egg was stolen by Rosalina he became grumpy.

Skip and Sqak 3

When the SSFF and Professor X2 crash landed in Samos Jungle, Samos and the frog soldiers mistook them as invaders and set up a trap in the village. When the SSFF and X2 came to the empty village, they get ambushed by Samos, Aleena and a group of soldiers wearing masks and sent them to the "Death Circle" battle arena.

After the team survive the arena, Ignus and Aleena reveal themselves as blue frogs like Skip, much to his surprise. Ignus was strict to the gang especially after the SSSSS drove through the village walls, but Aleena acts nicely to the others. As the game goes on, Ignus soon becomes friends with the SSFF and SSSSS.

Later, Ignus and Aleena save the SSFF and SSSSS before they got killed by Redworx via tank. During the rescue drive, the Redworx shoot a missile that destroyed the tank with both teams and Aleena surviving the crash but Ignus has taken extreme damage and hanging off a cliff. Before falling due to his weakness, he asks the gang to find his son Leon (who is actually Skip) and lets go, sending himself plummeting into the depths of the cliff.

After the defeat Z9, Aleena has a funeral for Ignus promising to take care of Skip.