While Chibiterasu was saving Nippon, he encountered a vengeful spirit known as King Fury. After being exiled, he died, becoming the monster he came to be known as, seeking vengeance on the kingdom. To accomplish this, he tried to procure an ancient machine of the moon tribe to reign destruction. Fortunately, Chibiterasu and his friend, Kurow, were able to defeat him in battle and exorcise the demon from him. King Fury shows up in Okami 3 as a boss in the void tournament. He fights alongside Ninetails and Shuten Doji.


He has the same moveset as he did in Okamiden, not counting when he charges up an attack that one of Chibi's partners have to intervene with. This means players may have to deal with double King Fury in addition to Shuten Doji and Ninetails. You also won't have to protect anyone while King Fury attacks.

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