King Drift is a character in FastSlide, and the king of the FastSlide Kingdom. He is a rather large man and wears red and gold clothes, with decorations such as beads and jewels on them. He is a speed lover, and has a small hovering platform he uses to watch the FastDrift competition races. He displays a particular friendship towards Mario, and for some reason calls Link "dear pal". He has an immense hatred towards Bowser, because Bowser beat him in a race and the king always complained about how he lost in a race to a turtle. He also appears as an unlockable character, after completing Story Mode with every other character. Humorously, he is the slowest character in the game.

FastSlide Stats

King Drift, the king of the FastSlide Kingdom! He is haunted by dreams of the day when he lost to a turtle in a race. But absolutely nothing can rival his love for speed.
Signature Colours
Red & Gold


  • When he is being used as a playable character, a Shy Guy starts the race and watches the race instead of him.

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