King Dedede
King Dedede SSB4
SSB Kirby Series
Availability Unlockable
Series Kirby
First Appearance Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Home Stage The Great Cave Offensive
Final Smash Dedede Burst


King Dedede is the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land and a main antagonist and/or anti-hero of the Kirby series. He is a recurring villain, is usually confronted in a boss fight, and serves as Kirby's nemesis. Though he often engages in trouble-making, mostly involving stealing other people's food, he has also done some noble acts, such as trying to seal away Nightmare, helping Kirby in Kirby's Return to Dreamland and helping Kirby and Ribbon on their quest to defeat Dark Matter and Zero Two. King Dedede lives in a castle atop Mount Dedede.
Source: Kirby Wiki


- : Inhale - Dedede vacuums opponents into his belly. While they have been inhaled, Dedede can then walk around and spit them out to inflict damage. This move can also can also be used to swallow projectiles and items. (5% (release), 10% (spit))

> : Gordo Throw-  Dedede hits a bouncing Gordo forward. Its trajectory can be angled upwards, forward, or downwards. The Gordos disappear after 4 bounces. Additionally, they can be reflected by any attack dealing at least 2% damage. Of further note is that Dedede can hit opponents with the hammer swing used to serve the Gordo, potentially leading into a hit by both hammer and Gordo for big damage. (10% (hammer), 14%/12.5%/11%/9.5% (Gordo))

^ : Super Dedede Jump -  Dedede performs his signature jump and launches upwards, rocketing down with a devastating stomp that buries grounded opponents on impact. Aerial foes hit by the stomp are meteor smashed. This move launches out stars after Dedede hits the ground. Due to the stars that fly out after King Dedede hits the ground, this move can sometimes be difficult to punish, especially against characters that lack a projectile. This move cannot grab ledges on descent, unless it is canceled. (15% (drop), 11% (landing), 5% (stars))

v : Jet Hammer -  Dedede charges up his hammer, which damages himself if he holds it at full charge. If released at full charge, he unleashes a powerful rocket-propelled hammer chop which can easily KO opponents below 50% near the edge. At 100%, King Dedede will stop taking self-damage. (11% (uncharged ground), 10% (uncharged air), 38%/28% (fully charged ground), 27%/16% (fully charged air))

F : Dedede Burst -  Dedede violently inhales the opponents into place, smashes them three times with his hammer aflame, and shoots a bomb out of it, sending the victims flying diagonally. (10% (hits 1-3), 1% (hit 4), 15% (hit 5))

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