KTD King Dedede

Funny and a little overweight, King Dedede is ready for fight! He is a "Superheavy" character (along with Charizard, Excitebiker and Bowser) but he is also a good (for his weight) jumper: he can do 4 jumps. He is a Brick character and he hasn't got a main element.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Gordo Toss King Dedede throws a Gordo which inflicts 16% of damage.

Side Special: Tambourine. King Dedede uses his tambourine as seen in Kirby Triple Deluxe Dedede's Drum Dash, and he will inflict 7% of damage.

Up Special: Super Dedede Jump. King Dedede jumps and falling he inflicts 18% of damage.

Down Special: Jet Hammer. King Dedede will charge his hammer and when he releases he will inflict from 11% to 20% of damage.

Final Smash: Masked Dedede. King Dedede takes his mask and he will be for 18 seconds. He is stronger and speeder than normal Dedede.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode or complete Event 1: Two Trouble Kings (with Bowser).

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