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King Dedede: The Day of Judgement is a Platformer/War game for the Nintendo GameCube where you you take control of King Dedede's soldiers in an attempt to take over Pop Star. You start out with one Waddle Dee but you will get more as you advance through the game. Each job class has a different limit to the amount that you can use.


Waddle Dee: Light, Walking Unit that can be upgraded to Parasol, Spear, Cart, Golden, Giant, Ninja and Sailor

Waddle Doo: Light, Walking, Magical Unit that can use Beam Whip. Can be upgraded to Helper and Kracko Bot

Bronto Burt: Light, Flying Unit that can carry Light Units. Can be upgraded to Armed

Nruff: Medium, Fast Unit that can use Headbutt. Can be Upgraded to Giant and Warp

Knuckle Joe: Strong, Slow moving Unit that can use Smash Punch. Can Be Upgraded to Master

Bugzzey: Powerful, Quick Unit that can use Smash Throw. Can be upgraded to Giant Gnat

TAC: Fast Unit that can steal weapons. Can be upgraded to Master Thief

Bonkers: Big, Powerful Unit that can use Hammer Whack. Can be upgraded to Goliath Gorilla

Bio-Spark: Fast, Agile Unit that can use Kunai Throw. Can be upgraded to Helper

Meta Knight: Fast, Strong, Flying Unit that can use Sword Rush. Can be upgraded to Galactica Knight

King Dedede: The Most Powerful, Fastest, All-Around Best Unit In the Game. Can use Electric Hammer and can be upgraded to Masked Dedede.


Wheelie Bike: Fast, Light Vehicle that can use Charge

Rex Wheelie: Slow, Giant Vehicle that launches Missiles as an attack

WarpStar: Medium, Flying Vehicle that can use Divebomb

Shadow Star: Fast, Medium Vehicle that can use Dark Wind

Kabula: Fast Vehicle that can fire missiles and torpedo's

Halberd: Goliath, Heavily Armed Flying Vehicle.


Soldier Field: Small, Weak Area that can hold 20 soldiers

Chain Swing: Small, Supportive Platform that can hold 5 Soldiers. Crushes foes when defeated.

Barricade: Large, Strong Wall that can be suited with 6 soldiers

Castle: Large, Stone Castle that can hold 25 Soldiers and be equiped with several Heavy Weapons

Super Castle: Goliath, Mighty Castle that can hold 50 Soldiers and be stationed with traps and weapons


Spear: Light, Melee weapon that Waddle Dee's can equip. Can be thrown.

Mini Cannon: Medium, Ranged shooting mechanism that has rapid-fire capabilities.

Spikes: Steel, ground weapon that halts enemy vehicles, but easily dodged by infantry

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