King Cloud

King Cloud as he appears in RedYoshi's Universal Conquest.

King Cloud is a Lakitu character in the RedYoshi series. He is a boss in the game RedYoshi's Universal Conquest at the Sky Skiff Galaxy, in the mission "Sailing the Sea of Clouds & Spinies."


To the Galaxies

King Cloud is the fourth boss in the game RedYoshi's Universal Conquest, his first game appearance. In battle, he attacks by throwing Spiny Shells at RedYoshi. After the king throws a Spiny Shell, RedYoshi will need to eat it, then spit it out. The shell must hit King Cloud to deal damage. After he is hit, he will throw more Spiny Shells and his movements are quicker. He will also fly above RedYoshi and release a lightning attack after he throws two sets of Spiny Shells. After he is hit once more, his cloud will disappear and he will fall on the ground. If he falls on top of RedYoshi, RedYoshi will instantly lose a life. If RedYoshi avoids the fall, he must Star Spin King Cloud to deal the final blow. He will fall into the sky, granting the player a Power Star.

King Cloud can be stunned by the player shooting a Star Bit at him, making him the only boss in the game that can be stunned. If the player leaves the area during the battle against King Cloud and waits a few seconds, King Cloud will start to fall asleep.

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