King Cheatsy is one of the Main Characters of Skip and Sqak and 2. He is a 42 year old (then 45 in the sequel) greedy mouse ruler of the Mouse Kingdom who refuses to let anyone have his money. When Skip and Sqak freed his Island from Dante's Army, Cheatsy learns to share his money to the kingdom.

Sadly, since Rangers, King Cheatsy will no longer be part of the Main Cast, as his body is getting too old to fight and his younger cousin Oswald took his place.

Skip and Sqak

When Skip and Sqak came to the Mouse Kingdom, all the mice were happy to see them. But the ruler King Cheatsy thinks they came to steal his treasure and locks them in his dungeon. Upon escaping, the duo see Ant Soldiers invading the island and locking up the mice in cages.

Cheatsy knows what's going on, but he cares about his money more than his island, leaving the 2 to save the mice on their own. Later, Cheatsy is captured and locked in a cage by Veger, who attacks Skip and Sqak with an Ant Rhino. After being rescued, Cheatsy learns to share his money to his kind and now he cares for his island now.

Throughout the game, Cheatsy gives out mini games Skip and Sqak can play but they need to buy it to unlock it, and once completing a mini game, Cheatsy rewards them with a coin.

In the final level, King Cheasty gets locked in a cage with the others. Upon being freed, he says "Oh, I need to go! I don't want anything to happen to my mo..uh..marvelous subjects.." hinting that his greed isn't all out yet.

In the 100% ending, Cheatsy is on the dinner table eating Pizza.

Skip and Sqak 2

When Cheatsy came to the future with his friends, he crashed into the entrance to the Junkyard and was found by his friends. Later, when Sunny City is being attacked by Red Ants, he joins the SSFF and help the Blue Ants protect earth.

Cheatsy's problem is that he is now poor since the fire melted all his gold. Looking for a way to get rich, Cheatsy tries to collect many valuable things as he and the SSFF travel all over the world.

In the 10th Chapter of the game, when the team was captured by Dr. Sakerine, Cheatsy was about to get his brain sawed of by a saw machine but Imp luckily stops the machine by sabotaging it and Sakerine rejects the mouse down the sewers.

After the gang defeat Professor X2 and Dark JoJo, King Cheatsy opens his own restaraunt called the "Smiley Cheatsy".


King Cheatsy is a very selfish mouse who only cares about money. He'll do anything to be rich, even if it means using his friends. Cheatsy is often shown that he doesn't care what happens to his friends even if they are close to death. He usually treats his Smiley Cheatsy Employees (Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp, Tubby, and Dib) like dirt as he enjoys watching people pay for his food. Despite caring for money, it is later revealed Cheatsy loves pickles way more than money. So much, that he can spend his entire money for pickles. Cheatsy also has the ability to smell things from a far distance because of him being a mouse.

There is a running gag in the Anime that in most situations, Cheatsy screws up on of the gang's attempts due to his ignorance, with Dib angrily scolding "Way to go, Cheatsy!" which soon became a catchphrase.

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