King Ash
King Ash Victory
King Ash, king of the Magma Sentinels
Current Age 63
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male (Genderless, referred to as male)
Species Magma Sentinels
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Sacred Blade
Sexuality Asexual
First Appearance Magma Sentinels (canonically)
Latest Appearance Fantendo - Misfits: Starsnow
Series Magma Sentinels
King Ash is the current reigning King of the Magma Sentinels, a species made from lava and sentelenium. He is honored by almost all of the Magma Sentinels, and his throne room is located in a volcano with a blue core. He is currently located in the Bermuda Triangle, the origin place of the Magma Sentinels.


King Ash, while doing his kingly duties, tries to be neat and calm, but it's really just not his personality. He is very adventerous, and tries to be wisecracking at times, though he is still very laid-back. He's not the best at puzzles or strategy, those are things he leaves to Birnstone.




Magma Sentinels

King Ash appears as one of the playable characters in this game.

Fantendo - Meltdown

King Ash appears in this story as one of the main characters.

Fantendo - Misfits: Starsnow 

King Ash appears as a minor character in this series.