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KStSt Kine
Kirby's Fishy Friend
Full Name Kine
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Ocean Sunfish
Align Ally
Current Status Alive
Class Animal Friend
Family and Relations
Kirby (friend)
Ability/ies Various; specializes in Underwater Travel
First Appearance Kirby's Dream Land 2 (1995)
Latest Appearance Kirby: Planet Robobot (2016)
On land, Kine is, well, a fish out of water! In his element, though, he can navigate through the killer currents with ease!
Description, Nintendo Power (Volume #72)

Kine is an ocean sunfish that appears as one of Kirby's Animal Friends in Kirby's Dream Land 2 and 3. He extended Kirby's copy ability movesets, however since Kirby's Copy Abilities have gotten more and more fleshed out on their own, the need for Animal Friends in general has diminished and are more relegated to cameos throughout the Kirby series. Kine specialized in underwater travel.

General Information


Kine is a giant blue circular ocean sunfish with tan fins. He has a giant orange mouth accented with big, bright orange lips. Kirby is easily able to fit inside his mouth.


Kine is laid-back and calm, typically a blank slate with an equally blank stare. He is incredibly sensitive and can be brought to tears easily when he becomes upset.

Powers and Abilities

Kine is more suited to underwater travel and can power through large currents with his strong swimming abilities. Kine also allows Kine to inhale and spit out enemies even when submerged underwater. When submerged, Kine will not drift down to the floor, but remain steady in place. Out of water, Kine is a very awkward character to handle.

Kine also changes the movesets of Kirby's copy abilities underwater, giving Kirby more of a upper hand while submerged. Generally these new moves are very much one note.





  • There appears to be a somewhat cruel running gag about Kine in the games in which he is frequently disliked, made fun of, or considered to be useless in some way.