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Kimbra Blowfish
Sunset Kimbra
Kimbra Blowfish as she appears in SUNSET: Villages.
Full Name Kimbra
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Human Being
First Appearance None

Kimbra Blowfish is a character created originally for the chat roleplaying game SUNSET and SUNSET: Dawn of a New Day. She was later introduced into the Fantendoverse. Kimbra is a utterly despicable character with possibly no moral code. She is known for her flirtatious nature and her large family, which she is seen trying to sell as slaves.


Kimbra is a hispanic woman with dark red spikey hair, which is adorned with a pufferfish that is dead. She is either in a causal orange hoodie or a striking orange dress. When she lapses into insanity, her hair and pufferfish get darker and more dead looking while her eyes get crazier and crazier looking.


Kimbra only cares about herself and will use anyone to get what she wants. Although she is rather flirtatious, she does not actually care about her relationships with people and is simply using them to make children to sell as slaves. It is has been shown that she also somewhat insane and when she is cut off from doing what she wants she begins to progress through stages of insanity that causes her to murder people, which then calms her insanity.



SUNSET: Dawn of a New Day

Fantendo Smash Bros. Magma

SUNSET: Villages

Blood of Prometheus


  • Kimbra was implied to have been reborn as Crow in SUNSET: Dawn of a New Day, however this is not the case in her Fantendoverse appearances, as both appear at the same with no mention of Crow being a reincarnation of Kimbra.
    • Both Crow and Kimbra are different special characters in SUNSET: Villages, with no implication of either being related to each other.
  • Kimbra is the second RP character to be brought to Exotoro's works. The first was Crow.