Here is a list of all the Season Four Characters for Killer Instinct X-box One.


The lover and right hand woman of Ultratechs Chairman and an expert assassin and martial artist, Kara is actually the genetically engineered daughter of Ultratechs founder Ryet Adams whose soul and spiritual mind are in fact a copy of ARIA's CPU, making the two either half sisters or mother and daughter.

Name: Kara Adams

Age: Fisikly 26

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Female

Alliance: Evil

Allies: Ultratech, Cinder, ARIA, Sadira, Riptor, Fulgore and Kan Ra

Enemy's: Black Orchid (rival), Jago, TJ Combo, Glacius, Saberwolf, Thunder, Kim Wu, Maya, Tusk, Agonose, Hisako, Eyedol, Gargos, Bright River (2nd rival) and Mira.


Bright River (Chief Thunder's wife)

The wife of Chief Thunder and sister in law of Black Eagle/Fulgore, this Native American Woman is a kind hearted and spiritual young lady who wants to save the soul of her husband's brother as much as he does. She soon becomes best friends with Black Orchid, Kim Wu and Maya as well as one of two sworn rivals of Kara Adams.

Namw: Bright River

Age: 19

Race: Native American

Gender: Female

Alliance: Good

Allies: Black Orchid, Jago, TJ Combo, Thunder (husband) Glacius, Kim Wu, Maya, Tusk, Hisako, Agonose and Rash.

The angry video game nerd the nerdy video game by mrgreenface-d55w9ds

You know who I am.

Brittany mathews mpgis by wondering souls-d5uncfi

Brittany Matthews

Vampire angel by rinlina-d5b205q

Angela: The Vampire Angle


Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Joanna Dark

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