Kiki's newest design
Date of Birth 28 February
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Nationality American
Ethnicity White American
Height 5'8 (172.5cm)
Sexuality Pansexual

Kiki is a primary character who appears in the upcoming title Heartbeat.



General Information

Physical Appearance

Kiki is an American girl with pale skin and who is above average in height. She has chin-length, black hair with bangs that are evenly cut across her brows. She normally wears a long and flowing black shirt which reveals her shoulders, along with red leggings and black brown boots. She has brown eyes.


Kiki is, in general, a rebellious person when rules get in her way. She does not speak too much to others as she believes that there is nothing much for her to say yet she also believes she feels the judgmental gaze of others at all times. Ironically she is quick to judge others before getting to know them. She is rather independent and very optimistic in general despite her hurdles. She also is quickly adaptable to change.


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