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A bust-up portrait of Kiki.
Current Age 18
Date of Birth 28 February 2010
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Current Status Alive
Ethnicity Danish
Height 5'8 (172.5cm)
Weight 115 lbs. (52.6 kg)
First Appearance Scandinavian Arcade Man

Kiki is one of the two main protagonists of Scandinavian Arcade Man. She is a bounty hunter who was hired by the Avalik-- the secret police force of Scandinavia. She works alongside her best friend Angela to uncover many criminals across the region.


Kiki lived in Denmark for her entire life, but whilst travelling in Stockholm she met Angela who was recently accepted into the Avalik.

General Information

Physical Appearance

Kiki is a young person who is medium-height. She has shoulder-length, black hair that is cut straight across her brows. She normally wears a long and flowing black shirt along with leggings and brown boots. She also has brown eyes.


Kiki is, in general, a rebellious person when rules get in her way. She does not speak too much to others as she believes that there is nothing much for her to say. She is rather independent but also very optimistic in general. She is quick to judge others before getting to know them. She also is quickly adaptable to change.


Kiki has great ability with a pistol and is good with precision.



Angela is her very best friend who she met once the two were both travelling in Stockholm. They trust each other greatly, even with their lives while they are working. They, however, get into arguments very easily and Kiki secretly resents Angela for her brutal honesty.


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