Kier better
Full Name Kier
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Neutral/Hero
Family and Relations
Jill (Ally)
Main Weapon(s) Tongue, Feet, Fists

Kier is a purple Yoshi with a blue saddle and blue shoes. He goes on a lot of adventures. Kier has spent a lot of time studying English and can speak it most of the time. He loves cookies and sports. He was the mascot of Pulse Studios.

Versus Baby Bowser

In Jill, Jill, and Jill?, Kier appears as a Playable Character in both Story and Multiplayer Battle Modes. He and Jill are the only two unfazed by Baby Bowser's newfound power.

The Fall of the Heroes

In The Fantendo Pit, Kier appears as a default character. His role in the story is currently unknown.