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Kid vs. Kat: The Movie is an Animated TV Movie

Role English Voice Actor Spanish Voice Actor
Coop Burtonberque Jack Bright Ángel García
Dennis Lawrence Raymond Ochoa Matías Quintana
Mecha Coop Chris Diamantopoulos Daniel del Roble
Fly Freeman Isaac Hempstead Wright Emilio Treviño
Mr. Kat (Dr. Felinus) Tom Kenny Rubén Trujillo
Dr. Kat (Joanna) Jill Talley Angélica Vale
Kat Kommander (Harold) Clancy Brown Gerardo Vásquez
Burt Burtonberque Jerry Trainor Jaime Camil
Millie Burtonberque Hadley Belle Miller Melissa Gutiérrez
Mr. President Joaquin Phoenix David Bueno


Due to the number of scenes that would be offensive to Western audiences, the following scenes were edited or removed from Disney XD:

  • In a daydream when Mr. Kat proposes to Millie to his wife, she is shown pregnant and breastfeeding one of their future children.
  • Kat groping Millie.
  • Coop giving Mecha Kat the middle finger, which was edited to look like an index finger in the Disney XD version.
  • Mecha Coop accidentally looking up Millie's dress when he crashes through the bottom of Kat's ship, resulting in Millie repeatedly kicking his head, calling him a "pervert". Also, Coop is synched with Mecha Coop and essentially feels what he feels; he even blushes.
  • During the second fight against Mecha Coop, Dennis, after the Tornado is shot out of the sky, falls down a hill and starts to roll into a snowball and crashes into Millie and Fly. When the snowball clears, Dennis is revealed to be holding on to Millie's breasts. Fly notices this, and thinks Dennis did it on purpose.

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