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KidKibaII Logo
KidKibaII box
Developer(s) GhoulGamesSmall
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan November 18, 2012
25px-Flag of USA November 30, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe December 2, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia December 3, 2012
Single player
Age Rating(s)
Media Included 3DS Media Card

Kid Kiba II (キッド木場2:闇の伝説, Kiddo kiba 2: Yami no densetsu/Kid Kiba 2: Legends of Darkness[1]) is a Nintendo 3DS game and the sequel to the game Kid Kiba. Kid Kiba II is the second game in the series and the first to be released in Australia.


One night in the Ghoul Realm, Kid Kiba and his girlfriend, Samantha Chi, were walking through the cemetary that was built 9000 years ago. That is when they looked in the sky, and noticed a shooting star. However, the star had an eerie green glow, and crashed down in the main plaza square. They ran to see what was happening, and saw their three friends Kriip, Franky and Jack looking at a large silvery UFO with that same glow. They stared at it, and then a small door on the side opened, and an alien stepped out. He started speaking a language that no one could understand (which the group called Alinorbe). When the alien realised no one could understand him, he pointed to the sky, where three identical UFOs with a blue-ish glow were flying around. He tried explaining something about them, but that's when the three UFOs landed near them. Without noticing, the pods opened up and revealed the same species of alien dressed in blue-ish gray armor stepped out of the pods and surrounded the group. The "evil" aliens then brought the group to their home planet Aliqnorria (really called (*%#%*@*@((&(%!@((^%*#>?"|}{*&$%) where they laid in a colosseum-looking jail. The alien then explained to the group (who could understand him on his planet for some reason) that they were going to be put through trials to see if they were strong or if they were weak, if they were weak they would be sacrificed.


Playable Characters


  • Devilia - A beetle-like evil bug who uses webs and acid.
  • Fangediizk (Fango) - A wolf-puff thing that uses his claws as swords.
  • Octopi (Ock-TOE-pee) - A supervillain octopus with powerful tentacles.
  • Curll Fangg - Curll is a vampire with one huge curled fang. He is quick.
  • Captain Orcy - Is a puffy sea pirate. He may look cute, but is downright evil.
  • Branianiac - Branianiac is a brainiac, and a Celstik (a stupid species named after celery). He has a hump behind his mouth.
  • Cubivore X - A carnivore box-thing with legs. He will try and eat you. He is named after Cubivores.
  • Mischief Bros. - Two mischievious blobs of goo, one who is logical, and one who is an idiot and will just go ahead and attack. The logical one is on the left, while the attacker is on the right.
  • Stumpd - Stumpd is a tree-dwarf who will smash you with his club-like arms.
  • Ghoster - Ghoster is the ghost of the evil wizard Akuma Incanto (from the first game). He uses many magical abilities.


  • Slime Cola - The alien's equivalent of Blood Cola. Will give the player a speed boost.
  • Bat Crystal - Mysterious crystals that give vampires the ability to turn into bats.
  • Web Shield - A cobweb shield that is very protective.
  • Flier - Varies on character. Will give a broom (Kriip), an electric hoverboard (Franky), a vine copter blades (Jack) or a futuristic hover orb (Neila).
  • Ghost Sheet - A special sheet that lets the wearer become intangible and can float.
  • Power Spiked Gloves - A special type of glove worn in the Demon Realm that makes the wearer become stronger.
  • Rotten Berries - Rotten Berries are, as the name implies, rotten berries that make the eater grow 2x bigger.
  • Fresh Berries - Fresh Berries are berries that make the eater shrink 3x smaller.
  • Spinball - Lets users spin into a ball to fit in certain areas, along with being able to break Boom Blox without getting hurt.


As you traverse through the game, you encounter many enemies, a list of all 20 different ones are below.


Obstacles are enemies that aren't exactly living, such as crates. Here is a list of the 10 different obstacles.

Wooden Crate Can break easily
Metallic Crate Can break in two hits
Boom Blox Will explode on contact
Slime Jug Will release alien goop, slowing anyone down
Firewall Is a thick wall of fire, unable to pass until deactivated
Waterball Is a thick ball-like thing of water, allowing the player to swim over large gaps. Can get hurt if swimming underwater for too long
Float Crate Is a floating, flaming crate. If extinguished, players can float around in these
Chill Blox Are intagible, freeze on contact
Mega Box A giant box that can push other blocks around
Stone Crate Cannot break



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