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What goes bump in the night? The monsters, that's who! Now it's up to this young vampire and his friends to save the land from the evil Monsters from the Goblin Realm, with help from the Ghoul Realm.
Box description

Final Boxart
Developer(s) GhoulGamesSmall
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan October 28, 2012
25px-Flag of USA
October 31, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe
October 30, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia
October 27, 2012
Single player, Multiplayer Minigames, Multiplayer Co-Op
Age Rating(s)
Media Included 3DS Media Card

Kid Kiba is an adventure video game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game features a single player story mode, which also has a co-op mode. The game also features 6 unlockable minigames, including Beat the Chest, Midnight Moon and Spot the Wolf. The game also features some voice acting, similar to that of Super Mario Sunshine. The game was sponsored by Warner Bros. and was advertised by using the Scooby-Doo characters Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Norville "Shaggy" Rogers and Scoobert "Scooby" Dooby Doo in the advertisements.


It was just another lonely night, and Kid Kiba was out flying as a bat. The city of Kangdara was filled with many different types of monsters, and the mortals would always panic when they see one, which is why many monsters only come out at night.
However, the werewolves, a pack of magical humans that would transform into wolf-like creatures during the night, were different. They, being magical humans and such, hated the regular humans, and vice-versa.

But this story takes place on the magical day of October 31, where the magical wizard Akuma has cast a spell, making the city be in eternal darkness. Many magical creatures from the Goblin Realm, a realm, home to the evil monsters, and the Ghoul Realm, a realm full of good monsters, have also been appearing in the city. With the townspeople very very very slowly adapting to this change in lifestyle, a kid named Kid Kiba decides to make the land right again, by defeating the various Zombies, Goblins, Trolls and Witches that now haunt the streets of New Bukimina, along with defeating the evil Werewolves and the master wizard.


The gameplay of Kid Kiba is very similar to that of Super Mario Galaxy; you have a hub world (Kangdara Tower) and there are many parts of the tower that lead to different parts of town, which are the hubs of levels, where you can choose which mission to do. There are always 6 missions in a world* (with 10 worlds) and atleast 1 secret mission*.


Each world is composed of the following:

  • 6 Levels
  • Two mini-bosses*
  • One main boss
  • One secret level
  • One survival level, with wave-after-wave of enemies.*


Kid Kiba features many characters based on the creatures of Hallowe'en. The characters are all unique, as they all have different powers and spells, personalities and homelands.

Image Name Personality Power Type
KidKiba Kid Kiba Courageous Can turn into a bat and fly. Playable Hero
Samantha Samantha Chi Born Leader Can turn into a bat and fly. Playable Hero
(Co-Op Only)
Kidkudizombiegrave Jimmy Smith Stubborn Is indestructable Boss
Playable Character
(Minigames Only)
Witch Kriip E. Kraularr Creative Can use magic spells and potions Ally
Playable Character
(Minigames Only)
Franky Franky Stine Forgetful Can lift very heavy objects, and can power electrical devices. Ally
Playable Character
(Minigames Only)
Pumpkin logo Jack N. Retnal Clumsy His head can be removed and used as a flashlight. Ally
Playable Character
(Minigames Only)
Wolfie Urufu Wolfie Urufu Interesting He has very sharp claws, which can be used to slice through various objects. Boss
Playable Character
(Minigames Only)
Wizard11 Akuma Incanto Selfish He has very strong magical powers. Final Boss
Block Lupo Wolven Greedy Lupo has mechanical claws. Boss
Block Shishi O. Kami Serious Shishi can use fire-elemental magic. Boss
Block Majo Kawaii Arrogant Majo Kawaii can use water-elemental and ice-elemental magic along with being able to make a force field of fire. Boss
Block Paul Kabocha Dramatic Paul can throw flaming skulls, along with use grass-elemental magic. Boss
Block Mekka Robbot None (robot) Mekka has super-strength and can run at over 250 mp/h. Boss
Block Finn Boyy Enthusiastic Finn uses many candies to gain different powers (for example, eating a chocolate bar will let him grow 3x larger) Ally
Playable Character
(Minigames only)
Block Astromaniacallangily Stubborn Astro uses many alien technologies like Ray Guns. Boss
Block N.L. Shade Outgoing N.L. Shade uses many spy-like technologies, like grappeling hooks, blasters, ect. Boss
Block Gremm B. Linn Impulsive Gremm uses small Katanas and karate moves. Boss


  • Blood Cola is a soda company in the Ghoul Realm that makes soda pop for vampires. All vampires can drink this item to gain more strength and regain health.
  • Bat Crystals are small colorful crystals that, when held, turns vampires into bats (and vice versa) and humans into werewolves (and vice versa). It also gives other ghouls more power.

Beta Elements

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Voice Actors

Actor Character Actor Character Actor Character
Vincent Martella Kid Kiba Miranda Cosgrove Samantha Chi Matthew Wood Mekka Robbott
Rob Stefaniuk Jimmy Smith Grey DeLisle Kriip E. Kraularr David Hornsby Finn Boyy
Bill Fagerbakke Franky Stine Jay Leno Jack N. Retnal Freddie Highmore Astromaniacallangily
Jackie Chan Wolfie Urufu Sab Shimono Akuma Incanto Lewis Black N. L. Shade
Tom Kenny Lupo Wolvenn Jon Polito Shishi O. Kami Patrick Warburton Gremm B. Linn
Ashley Eckstein Majo Kawaii Matt Lanter Paul Kabocha Frank Welker Speedy B. Ydeeps


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