Kid Icarus Unity is an upcoming 2016 game from Nintendo for the Nintendo 3ds.

It is a sequel to Kid Icarus Upsrising.


The evil Dark King, King Arthur has unleashed more Underworld Monsters onto the entire world with the help of evil gods and goddesses. Pit and Palutena must round up allies like the Shino Empire and the League of Genies. Can Pit and Team Icarus stop King Arthur? Or will the entire world be filled with chaos?


Team Icarus:

Pit: Captain of Palutena's guard and leader of Team Icarus.

Dark Pit: Pit's calm and serious twin later joins as Second-in-comand of Team Icarus.

Haruka: A mermaid ninja from the Shino Empire and servant of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu.

Benghal: A hyperactive genie from the League of Genies and one of the servants of Kaceem, God of Wishes. He has the power to turn into animals.

Serg: A mechanized golem brought to life by Odin King of the Northern Gods.


Palutena Goddess of Light

Amaterasu the Sun Goddess

Boss Kaceem God of Wishes

Odin King of the Northern Gods


King Arthur the Dark King

Loki God of Mischief

Ja'far God of Thieves

Rokaru The Moon God


Chapter 1: A New Threat

Chapter 2: To The Shino Empire

Chapter 3: Benghal The Genie

Chapter 4: Dark Pit And The Living Armor

Chapter 5: Team Icarus Rises

Chapter 6: King Arthur's Power

Chapter 7: Lord of the Minotaurs

Chapter 8: The New TRUE Phoenix

Chapter 9: The Land Lost In Time

Chapter 10: Arthur's Origin

Chapter 11: Loki The Trickster

Chapter 12: Of Ghostes And Spirits

Chapter 13: Pirate Time

Chapter 14: The Great Dragon

Chapter 15: The Cave of Wonders

Chapter 16: Dark Pit and the Moon God

Chapter 17: The Temple Of Elements

Chapter 18: The 7 Shards

Chapter 19: The Original Sacred Treasure

Chapter 20: The Last Resort

Chapter DLC 1: The Elf Kingdom

Chapter DLC 2: The Yeti

Chapter DLC 3: Welcome To Atlantis

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