Kid Icarus Onslaught is an upcoming Kid Icarus game developed by SuyoGames for the Wii U. It takes place a year after Kid Icarus Uprising, a new threat has come to Skyworld, and the Humans, a legion of demon like warriors called the Barians have threatened to destroy all worlds, including Skyworld, so Pit must stop them in this new quest.


Barian Invasion

Its been years after Hades was defeated, but something happened years after... A legion of demon like warriors known as the Barians have invaded Earth, using their mysterious powers to make the humans corrupted, and not only did they attack Earth, they also attacked Skyworld, Palutena sends Pit to stop this new threat.


The Gameplay is similar to the previous game, the player uses the left analog stick to move, and the right analog stick to move the shoot icon and also move the camera. The player attacks with the L button as well. Pit is able to jump in this game, using the ZL button. Air Battles and Land Battles return, and some Air Battles involve using a machine to fight off Barian troops. There is also a new type of battle called the Sea Battle, where Pit enters a submarine like vehicle and navigates thanks to Palutena's help. Now, Pit can carry 3 weapons in his storage. He is able to change it by pressing the X button, Pit can now carry items and Powers (which were from the previous game). The Powers now are able to be combined to create new and stronger powers that help Pit on his adventure.


Arc 1: Earth

Chapter Information Boss(es)
Chapter 1: Fight Flight The first chapter in the game.
Chapter 2: Earth Attackers The second chapter.
Chapter 3: The Perished City The third chapter.

Arc 2: Twisted Nature

Arc 3: Battle Of Vexis

Special Chapters

  • Unknown Chapter involving Medusa and Hades playable
  • Unknown Chapter involving Magnus and Gaol playable
  • Chapter involving past events with Palutena and Medusa


Image Name Description
Pit KIU Pit Pit is an angel that can't fly, and a hero to Skyworld, he is ready to please Palutena and save the world once again.
PalutenaUprising Palutena The Goddess of Light, who assists Pit on his journey to defeat Hades once again.
DarkPit Dark Pit Appearing once again, Dark Pit appears out of nowhere once again in the game, but he still has a score to settle with Pit.
ViridiKIU Viridi Returning from Kid Icarus Uprising, Virdi appears once again after the Barian's attacks Earth, making Viridi angered.
Magnus Magnus A powerful human who also returns in the game, he will assist Pit sometime in the game and also can be played as later on.
Hades KidIcarus Hades The Lord of the Underworld, revived, though he isn't the main villain, he sometimes appears with the Underworld Troop to destroy Pit.
Medusa2 Medusa Medusa has returned, again, she commands the Underworld Troops as well, but strangely she is working for Hades once again?!
No image available Vega A mysterious angel who apparently is working for the Barian's, he has some weird secret, and a connection with past events.


The game features 2 new weapons, Whips and Mauls. All the weapon types from Kid Icarus Uprising return.

  • Palutena Bow (Starting Weapon)
  • Palutena Blade (Starting Weapon)
  • Palutena Staff (Starting Weapon)
  • Peril Whip
  • Rock Maul
  • Avalanche Club
  • Burst Cannon
  • Freeze Palm
  • Archer Bow
  • Fire Staff


  • Light vs Dark: Returning from the previous game, 3 players are put on a team are against another team with 3 players, whoever defeats the Angel (Pit or Dark Pit) at the end of the battle wins.
  • Free for All: Up to 6 players can be fought in a free for all match full of intense combat.
  • Fight Arena: The greatest challenge, fighting an infinite amount of enemy waves, it can be played in solo or with up to 4 people, even online.
  • Duel Arena: 2 players fight each other in an action packed duel, there is also Leaderboards that show how many battles the player won and how many points they have won from battling.

Treasure Hunt


  • I'm In A Crisis: Get in Crisis mode.
  • Boss Down: Defeat your first boss.


  • The Boss Basher: Defeat 50 bosses.


  • The Boss Slayer: Defeat 100 bosses.


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