Kid Icarus: The Seven Trials
Developer(s) Vector Gaming, Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2015
Genre(s) Third-person shoot 'em up
Hack 'n' slash
Series Kid Icarus
Predecessor Kid Icarus: Uprising
I suppose you haven't met by brothers and sisters yet, Pit.
Why are you saying that, Lady Palutena?
Because they are coming here for an important mission and I will need you help for this mission.
Palutena and Pit

Kid Icarus: The Seven Trials is a sequel of Kid Icarus: Uprising developed by Vector Gaming, Studios and Sora, Ltd. and published by Nintendo, with a planned 2015 release for the Wii U. The Seven Trials takes place 30 years after the events of Uprising, Pit is now the commander of Palutena's Army and his first mission is to defeat and bring back Pandora's Armada, spirits that represents the Seven Deadly Sins that were released from Pandora's Box. During the seach and capture of the spirits, Pit must also complete the Seven Trials gave by the Seven Gods of the Skyworld.

The game changes a bit of the formula that was introduced in Uprising, the game is now a half hack 'n' slash and shoot 'em up and since Pit is now the commander of Palutena's Army, Pit can free Palutena's Army members that were captured by Pandora's Armada or summon them by himself, Pit can have up to 10 Army members by himself, they can be upgraded and they help Pit during normal enemies fights and boss fights and some are required to solve puzzles.


Thirty years have passed after Hades' defeat during the events of Kid Icarus: Uprising and the forces from the Underworld seemed to stop their attacks. During this time, Pit was promoted by Palutena to be the commander of her army. One day, a mysterious person discovered a box and said person appeared a day later on the Central City of the Skyworld. Pit and Palutena's Army started to surround the mysterious being in case if he/she was dangerous. The mysterious person opened the box, which was revealed the Pandora's Box, who released the Pandora's Armada and caused distortion in the Skyworld and the Pandora's Armada started controlling the seven main locations of the Skyworld. Pit tried to attack them, but Palutena said to him not to attack them because Pit isn't powerful enough to defeat them.

Pit meets Palutena in the Skyworld and asks to how he can get strong enough to fight against the new threat. Palutena then says that she doesn't knows the answer but her relatives might know it. She summons her brothers and sisters, Apollo, Artemis, Heptaestus, Hermes, Athena and Ares. Palutena talks with her relatives and they remember the old tale that their father, Zeus, told them, the tale of the Seven Trials which would prove someone's honor and strength and give to said person godlike powers. Palutena then tasks Pit to go, beat the seven trials and combat Pandora's Armada.








Together Mode


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