Kid Icarus: Sky Judgement is the new game created by Alange95 (tbc). It's the new game that Walange Corporation has done due to Alange became a fan of Kid Icarus. This game will be released in 2013 for Nintendo Prima. There will be a new antagonist, the goddess Hera and the reappearance of some enemies like Hades or Medusa (that changes the role in this game)...


It was a good day in the Olympus. Hades had just been beaten by Pit and Palutena was living again a peace age. But a goddess was already planning an invasion of the Olympus and impose her power over all the gods. It was easy, now Hades needed something to get his self-steem in a high level, and that goddess was ready to include him in her plans. Hera has been preparing an army for long time to control that deity garden. Those news arrived soon to Skyworld: Hera had invaded the Olympus. Palutena heard those news and she, that she was afraid of a possible attack to Skyworld, decided to attack. Now Pit is in a new adventure in Palutena's army. But things will be different...

Hades has been trying to keep Palutena's army to see what was going to be their plans. He chose most of the lethal army. Meanwhile, Hera convinced Viridi to help her, since she promised Viridi a perfect nature for her. Finally the plan was finished with the rebirth of Medusa. But it was difficult to get her in their side. So Hera started to control her. Pit started to defeat several enemies that Hades sent to destroy him but it was impossible. Pit could defeat them easily but things changed when Palutena noticed that Hera possesses Medusa, Pit had to defeat her to liberate her. After defeating her, Medusa, who was angry at Hera, decided to help Palutena with her war.

Now, Viridi was the main problem. Phosphora and Arlon arrived to Skyworld to warn Palutena about something that could be dangerous for the world. Viridi is in the bad side of a war that Palutena wants to stop and Phosphora needs Viridi to change of side.

more story coming soon...



  • Pit: He's a brave angel that fights for Palutena and a global peace. He's all an expert of weapons. He appears from the first chapter: Hera's control example.
  • Palutena: She's the Goddess of Light. She'll help Pit in his journey with advices and giving different powers to him.
  • Medusa: The eternal enemy of Palutena is now a helper, after being used and possessed by Hades. Now, she will help Palutena just for pride.
  • Magnus: He's one of the humans that appears in Kid Icarus. He has helped Pit several times and fight against the Underworld.
  • Zeus: He's the God of Gods but one of the affected ones of Hera's invasion. He will need Palutena's help.

Supporting Characters

  • Phosphora: She is helping Palutena since she thinks Viridi was brainwashed by Hera and Hades. She wants Viridi gets into the good way.
  • Poseidon: He is the God of the Sea. He will need Palutena's help to remove all the Sky army that has got into the Palace of the Sea.
  • Arlon: He is a faithful server of Viridi. He looks a butler but when he is in a battle, he is a dangerous rival.


  • Hera: She's the Queen of the Gods and the goddess who controls the Olympus. She's tyrant and a powerful enemy for Palutena.
  • Hades: He allied with Hera to get part of the control of the Olympus after being defeated by Pit. He's ready to revenge.
  • Dark Pit: He is the odd Pit's clone. He shows the arrogant and the evil side that Pit has. Despite the fact that he's an enemy, he doesn't seem to be in any side of the war.
  • Viridi: She's the Goddess of Nature that has allied with Hera. She fights for some control and punish to the humans for destroying the nature.
  • Pandora: She is a frustrated goddess. A spirit of fire that can become a antropomorphic being, Amazon Pandora. She likes the chaos of the space.
  • Thanatos: This is the Death God and the best ally of Hades. He also lives in the underworld, where he controls all the alive creatures of the Underworld.
  • Ares: He's the God of War. He doesn't appear much while the Sky war happens. Maybe there is something suspicious with that...
  • Aures: He's an angel of Hera's army. He becomes a rival of Pit and an important enemy. He tries to lie Pit to change of side.


Title Description Zodiac Weapon Bosses
Chapter 1: Hera's Control Example This level is made in a small fortress that had been destroyed by Hera's army. It's controlled by a Thunder Horse, Candrix. - Candrix 6.0
Chapter 2: The Power of the Dream Other world of dreams and strange events that are controlled by the god of dreams. Aries Leg Hypnos



Chapter 3: The Rich Judge An underworld city, where the only rules are being a Hades favourite. It's controlled by one of his judges: Aiacus. - Aiacus -
Chapter 4: Medusa's Trap A giant castle behind a steam falls. The Underworld army is back again. And Medusa is... possessed? - Medusa 9.0
Chapter 5: The Nature Attack Viridi has prepared other trap that changed all a city into a jungle. And also, she put a vegetal beast to control it. Taurus Arm Floridie -
Chapter 6: Viridi's Final Attack Other jungle but really big, full of new enemies that will produce problems to Pit. This time Viridi will control the situation by herself. - Viridi 6.0
Chapter 7: Three-Heads Hydra Returns The place where you fight that monster is a city next to a lake. The best place where Hydra can attack. - Hydra



Chapter 8: The Love Killer The angel of love has changed his role to be the angel of death. His arrows are now lethal in a pink garden full of enemies. Gemini Orbitars Cupido -
Chapter 9: The Brave Judge A volcanic cave is a perfect place where a Judge from the Underworld can plan Hades' attacks. Pit will need a fan there... - Rhadamanthes -
Chapter 10: Return to the Labyrinth Pandora's labyrinth is the strange where Pit has to go. There are no space rules, all a challenge for the angel. - Pandora 7.0
Chapter 11: The Fall of the Night Hera has changed her plans, destroying the life of the world must be funnier. So a land during a eclipse will be perfect for a new mission. Cancer Claws Pit's Shadow -

Chapter 12: The Death Rain

The night became solid and started to fall over the humanity. To avoid that, in the temple of the night, you will have to control Calypso's plans. - Calypso



Chapter 13: The Fight of the Eclipse Hades has created a lethal Underworld creature in the Dark Dome that the Earth became. Now Pit has to defeat him. - Noctoid 8.0
Chapter 14: A Mask of the Fate Hades has found a mask that lets the user control the beings that uses the mask after that. Minoh, his third judge is there to get it. Leo Cannon Minoh -
Chapter 15: Dark Palutena Hades could finally use the power of the mask to possess Palutena. Now, she is an important rival. - Palutena 6.0
Chapter 16: Thanatos Touch Hades has sent the most lethal server to kill Pit. Thanatos' Palace is the place to fight him there. - Thanatos -
Chapter 17: The Final Battle Pit has went into the heart of the Underworld army to fight the god of that place. Hades will give you an important clue... Virgo Palm Hades 7.0
Chapter 18: Sky Gate Palutena has already sent Pit to the Sky to defeat Hera, but the first obstacle is the fortress that is around the Olympus. - Sky Nuclea 9.0
Chapter 19: Other Kind of Angel Pit has found other angel, but it seems its in the side of Hera. Anyway, you arrive to a jungle that is controlled by Pandora II. - Amazon Pandora -
Chapter 20: Aures, the Olympic Angel Without the obstacle to the olympus, now Palutena can advance. But in that cloudy zone, Pegasus will fight you. Libra Trident Pegasus 5.0
Chapter 21: The Help of the Thunder Hera got the ability of creating a replica of the Goddess of nature. But Zeus will help you to stop the Genesis Bomb rain. - Chaos Viridi -
Chapter 22: Zeus, the Conqueror Magnus has gone to attack the Olympus himself. Zeus has decided, with the help of Palutena, attack the base of the Olympus. - Hera's Gem



Chapter 23: Sky Labyrinth Zeus is still working with Palutena, and he asks Pit to control the Sky Labyrinth to continue the invasion. Scorpio Staff Minotaur 6.0
Chapter 24: Help needed in the Sea Poseidon needs help because of the Sky Army, that is attacking the Palace of the Sea. - Leviathan -
Chapter 25: The Negative Dimension Suddenly, the space breaks and a ton of Sky Creatures-like beings start to appear. You have to know why they destroy everything. - Negative Aures



Chapter 26: Journey to Negative Viridi has discovered that the Negative dimension is artificial and it creates a lot of Negative creatures. You have to destroy it. Sagittarius Bow Negative Core 7.0
Chapter 27: The Negative Nature Viridi finds a lot of creatures of the Tropes of Nature in a negative version. Pit has to destroy Viridi's copy to destroy that dimension. - Negative Viridi -
Chapter 28: Master of Negative You start playing with Magnus to find Pit and liberate him from the Master of Negative. But Magnus is possessed by it. - Magnus 9.0
Chapter 29: Fight of the Three Angels Aures and Dark Pit have started a fight but Aures accidentally tells Pit that his clone is trying to revive Hades.

Capricorn Club

Dark Pit



Chapter 30: Calamity is Back Hera has asked Pandora to help her. The treat was accepted after getting her human form back. - Amazon Pandora 5.0
Chapter 31: Rescue Palutena Palutena has been touched by Hypnos and fell asleep. Now, Zeus will send Pit to save her and wake up. - Dream Spirit -
Chapter 32: Entrance to the Olympus The last attack to the Olympus has started. Now, Pit has to get into there and defeat the guardians. Aquarius Blade Sky Guardians 8.0
Chapter 33: Nether Olympus The first step of the Olympic stairs is defeating the base of the Olympus. Hera has possessed a friend of Pit, just in the worst moment... - Palutena



Chapter 34: The Fight of the Angels Magnus and Pit are working together to defeat Hera, but it's just halfway. Now, Aures will be your rival. - Aures 8.0
Chapter 35:

End of the Invasion

The final battle arrived, Hera has prepared a impossible defense to avoid the end of the invasion, and a big secret... Pisces Disc Hera -
Chapter 36: Worst Finale Ares was behind all of that, now Pit has to defeat him if he wants the war stops. Will it be enough? - Ares 9.0

NOTE: The numbers of the right spaces (4.0, 5.0, 6.0,...) mean the intensity that is needed to open a hidden chamber. The chapters that have 2 different numbers are because they have two different chambers.


  • Blades
  • Staffs
  • Claws
  • Bows
  • Palms
  • Clubs
  • Cannons
  • Orbitars
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Tridents
  • Discs

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