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Kid Icarus: Armageddon
The game's logo.
Developer(s) Logo2OFG
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo EX
Genre(s) Third-Person Shooter/Adventure
Release Date(s)
March 17, 2016
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Media Included New 3DS Game Card, Wii U Disc, EX Disc
Max. amount of players 8 (Online Multiplayer)
Kid Icarus: Armageddon, known in Japan as New Light Myth: End of the World (世界の新たな光神話終了 Sekai no aratana hikari shinwa shūryō) is a Kid Icarus game developed by OmegaFire Games for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo EX. Both versions have the same storyline and characters, although they may have different minigames and Treasure Hunt challenges and rewards.


Kid Icarus: Armageddon features different gameplay styles depending on which version it is. Both versions, however, do have similarities. Weapons remain in the same categories, being blades, staffs, bows, claws, palms, cannons, clubs, arms, and orbitars. The player will be able to play as multiple characters depending on the chapter, and they can play as any character on all chapters on Free Play mode after the game is completed. Powers from Uprising are also returning.

Chapters are arranged differently this time around. Unlike the previous game, not every chapter has a boss at the end. Also, while most are split between Air and Land Battle, some are Air Battle only and others are Land Battle only.

Nintendo 3DS Version

The 3DS version has a similar playing style to Kid Icarus: Uprising. The touch screen is still used to move the reticle, as well as select powers. It also now used to select which weapon the player wants to use during battle along with the +Control Pad. Aside from this, the 3DS version has barely any differences in controls and gameplay than Uprising.

Wii U and EX Versions

The Wii U version is somewhat different. The reticle can be moved in two ways. One way is the touch screen, as on the 3DS, and the other is by using the right analog sick. Weapons and powers can be selected in the same way as in the 3DS version, by using the touch screen or the +Control Pad. The EX features similar controls with its EX Gamepad controller, but it also has support for the standard EX Controller (though the right analog stick must be used to move the reticle). Both versions support use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as a controller choice as well.

Story Mode

The game's story made consists of over twenty chapters, each chapter having an exclusive roster.





Name Description
Pit Pit is the most skilled of the angels and is a well-balanced character. Though he can be childish and naïve, he is a powerful warrior and is well aware of the threat Malus' army poses to the world. He develops a crush with Sharlet throughout the game.
Dark Pit Also known as "Pittoo", Dark Pit was created to serve the Underworld Army, but he opposed them instead. He has stats similar to his doppelganger, Pit, and has a secret connection to him known as a "Life Connection." He is now an officer of the Forces of Nature.
Sharlet Scarlet is Cano's younger, energetic sister. As the game progresses, she and Pit become attracted to each other. She is a sweet angel, but won't hesistate to attack anyone on the side of evil, especially the Underworld Army or the Army fo Darkness.
Cano Cano is a weapon blacksmith who used to make weapons for the God of the Forge, Dyntos, before going his own way. He still make weapons and even armor, and will sometimes sell them to other angels to use in battle. He is a long-time friend of Pit and older brother of Sharlet.
Joshua Joshua is a technology expert, able to build amazing creations, including some weapons. He is an excellent warrior, but not the best at staying hidden. His origins are unknown, as he refuses to talk about it.
Nero Strong and silent, Nero rarely talks, if ever. Due to this, not much as known about his past. He is an angel worthy of high rank, but his nature prevents him from taking the honor.
Angelos The last remaining Archangel, Angelos is a powerful and skilled warrior. He watches over both Skyworld and Earth from his own realm, but intervenes when things that to get hectic.
Cyrus Cyrus is an Aurum angel android who was one the first drones to be built with the Aurum's new persona-drone system they developed from Earth. A malfunction in his system opens his eyes to what the Aurum is doing to the universe and he rebells. He allies himself with Pit and the other angels after Joshua helps him make the malfunction part of his software via reprograming him.

Deities and other Powerful Entities

Name Description
Palutena Palutena is the well-known Goddess of light and protector of Skyworld and Earth. She sends Pit to defeat Malus, while also finding other angel warriors to join her army as officers like Pit. She knows a lot about nearly everything, and can easily learn about anything new if she needs to.
Viridi Viridi is the Goddess of nature who greatly dislikes the actions of humans destroying the environment. She issues a challenge to Pit and his comrades, saying that if they complete them, she will aid them.
Malus The wicked, destructive, and nefarious god-like being that wishes to destroy and take over the heavens and destroy the mortal world and every living thing in it, believing it to be disgusting and not deserving to exist. He is Pit's (and the world's) biggest threat.
Hades Hades is the malevolent God of the Underworld who is revived by and forms an alliance with Malus to destroy Pit and Palutena. While he keeps his cool throughout the game, he still shows great distaste for them and has the occasional fit of rage. He is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon.
Zeus The God of Lightning, King of the Gods, and Lord of Skyworld, Zeus is among the most powerful of the gods. He watches over both Skyworld and Earth, and willingly gives aid to Palutena when Malus is released. He is the brother of Hades and Poseidon.
Chaos Originating from the World of Chaos, Chaos is an extremely powerful primordial god who wishes to plunge the mortal world into chaos so he can rebuild it.
Poseidon As God of the Sea, Poseidon watches over the world's oceans, both in the mortal world and Skyworld. However, he will protect the land if it is needed. He is the leader of the Undersea Army. He is the brother of Zeus and Hades.
Helios The true God of the Sun, Helios rides his Fiery Chariot looking after the mortal world and Skyworld. When the Aurum start invading, he is quick to take action on defending the planet. He also helps out on other occasions.
Pyrrhon The formerly-self-proclaimed sun god, Pyrrhon wanted to increase his power, but the Aurum Brain corrupted him and made him want to destroy Pit, and then the world. Now free, but a prisoner, Pyrrhon seeks revenge on the Aurum not only for poisoning his name but for taking control of him as well.

Other Characters

Name Description Race
Magnus A warrior of great physical strength, Magnus is a determined yet seemingly cold man. He has lost a child and a good friend of his to the Underworld Army. Human
Zarvok An alien being who is part of a race that is responsible for creating the Aurum. As their creator (and leader of the team who first created them), he is claimed as the Aurum Master. He does not like Aurum's interference with other planets, but decides to take revenge on Earth for nearly obliterating them anyway. Extraterrestrial
Fortis An amazing warrior of impossible strength, Fortis rivals Magnus. Mastering several types of fighting styles, he is an incredibly powerful man with a powerful will to match it. However, his past is schroded in mystery. Human

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