Kid Icarus: Armageddon
Kid Icarus Armageddon Logo Final
The game's logo.
Developer(s) Logo2OFG
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo EX, Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
Q2 2017
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Third-Person Shooter, Adventure
Series Kid Icarus
Predecessor Kid Icarus: Uprising
Successor None
Media Included New 3DS Game Card, Wii U Disc, EX Disc, Nintendo Switch Cartridge, Digital Download
Storage Needed 10 GB (Digital Download)
Kid Icarus: Armageddon, known in Japan as New Light Myth: End of the World (世界の新たな光神話終了 Sekai no aratana hikari shinwa shūryō) is a Kid Icarus game developed by OmegaFire Games for New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo EX, and Nintendo Switch. All versions have the same storyline and characters, although they may have different minigames and Treasure Hunt challenges and rewards.


Kid Icarus: Armageddon features different gameplay styles depending on which version it is. All versions, however, do have most similarities. Weapons remain in the same categories, being blades, staffs, bows, claws, palms, cannons, clubs, arms, and orbitars. The player will be able to play as multiple characters throughout the game depending on the chapter, and they can play as any character on all chapters on Free Play mode after the game is completed. Powers from Uprising are also returning.

Combat and Controls

The control system of Armageddon is also altered. The game is still third person, but the camera is now panned further, allowing a larger view of the surrounding area. The camera can be rotated so that the player can freely look around the area. The reticle is no longer controlled with a touch screen, and is how controlled with an analog stick, often the right one, but this can be changed in the game's settings. The reticle can move the camera as well.

Hub and Chapters

The main menu of the game is vastly different now and replaced by a main hub that the player can explore freely as opposed to the simple menu of Uprising. The player can occassionally find additional hearts and treasure hidden, and on very rare occassions even weapons. From the hub, the player can talk to the deity within it, whom can be asked for advice and sometimes humorous conversations. They can also exit through a large door to proceed to the chapter selection menu, and can also head to training areas and weapon forges to buy weapons. The hub changes depending on what point of the game the player is on, and they can choose which hub to reside in after beating the game similar to the hidden options in Uprising that allowed the player to switch between goddess temples.

The way chapters work is now altered from Uprising. Unlike Uprising, not every chapter has a boss at the end. Also, while most are split between Air and Land Battle, some are Air Battle only and others are Land Battle only. They last an average of twenty minutes each.

Story Mode

Several years have passed since Pit defeated Hades with the Great Sacred Treasure, and since then the human world and Skyworld have remained peaceful. Of course, there's the occasional need for Pit to swoop down and fight every once in a while, but there's nothing too serious...until now, anyway.

New monsters have from seemingly nowhere, and they've begun to attack the human mercilessly. Even worse, Underworld creatures have started appearing too, and with no explanation as to how and why! When Pit and Palutena investigate, he discovers more than just monsters and soldiers, but also something far more unexpected: another angel. Three of them, in fact. Last they heard, the angels had disappeared save for Pit.

Pit meets and befriends the three other angels, forming a well-needed team capable of destroying the new monsters, far stronger than previously thought to be. They are the red angel, Ajax, the blue angel, Diana, and the green angel, Troy. With a new team of heroes assembled with the help and power of Palutena, the angels fight to defend the human world, their own world, and everything else in existence.

Little do they know how high the stakes truly are...





Name Description
Pit Pit is the most skilled of the angels and is a well-balanced character. Though he can be childish and naïve, he is a powerful warrior and is well aware of the threat the mysterious army poses to the world.
Dark Pit Also known as "Pittoo", Dark Pit was created to serve the Underworld Army, but he opposed them instead. He has stats similar to his doppelganger, Pit, and has a secret connection to him known as a "Life Connection." He is now an officer of the Forces of Nature.
Diana Diana is a optimistic and energetic angel who served Poseidon until she left to explore the world. As the game progresses, she and Pit become attracted to each other. She is a sweet angel, but won't hesistate to attack anyone on the side of evil, especially the Underworld Army or the mysterious new threat. She is the fastest and most agile of the team, but also the weakest.
Ajax Ajax is a weapon blacksmith who served Helios for most of his life, and made weapons for the God of the Forge, Dyntos, for a short time and learned from him. He still make weapons and even armor, and will sometimes sell them to other angels to use in battle. He is a childhood friend of Pit. He is the most offensive and attack is his game, at the cost of a little defense nerf.
Troy Joshua is a technology expert, who was a servent for Hermes. able to build and repair amazing creations, including some weapons. He has great defense, though he isn't as fast as his comrades.


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