Kid Dracula
Kid Dracula
The Young Master of Darkness
Full Name Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes
Current Age 10,009
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Location Transylvania
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Young Lord of Darkness
Family and Relations
Count Dracula (Father), Ramses (Best Friend), Molly (Friend, possible Girlfriend), Danny (Best Friend), Frankie (Friend)
Tomato Juice
Main Weapon(s) Umbrella
Ability/ies Bat Transformation, Walk Upside Down
Vulnerable To Unknown
Drac, Adrian, Adi
First Appearance Kid Dracula
Latest Appearance Kid Dracula: Castle-Mania of Monsters
Series Kid Dracula


Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes, better known as Kid Dracula is the 10,009-year-old son of Count Dracula that commands the monsters when his father is asleep, he has two arch-nemesis known as Garamoth and Lil'Satan. His main command group is the Monster Squad, where his friends Ramses, Molly, Danny and Frankie work for him. It seems that he doesn't like blood, as he prefers tomato juice better.