Kid is an upcoming game.


There once was a boy named Kid.He was just a normal human who lived in a big town called Croblte.(KROW-bilt) One day,the Manipulit Glove that all the cool kids were to have, released in toy stores in Croblte.Kid eventually got one, and loved it.But one thing he didn't know was...his copy was CORRUPTED!

Meanwhile on a dark and scary figure in a dark galaxy, a shadowy figure wanted the corrupted glove as it held insanley strong power he could use.He was furious that Kid recieved it.So he called some monsters to get Kid.

Back in Croblte, Kid was playing wiith his Manipulit Glove when the monsters crashed into his house!But Kid used his corrupted toy (A purple blade came out of the palm) to kill a fire-breathing monster.Then, a red orb appeared behind him!But thee orb helped him by spewing fire on the monsters.

Orb Helpers

L1 Picture L2 Picture L3 Picture L4 Picture Name Abilities Element Rarity
Dragon Belly

L1:Spews weak but nonstop flames.

L2:Flames are now longer and do extra damage

L3:Flame breath leaves fire trails

L4:Burned enemies can spread fire.

Hot Ball

L1:Snipes fireballs at foes.

L2:Shoots big fireballs.


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