Gender Male
Location Aether Kingdom
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Dark Energy Axe

Kharon Orpheos is a Koopa Troopa that lives in the Aether Kingdom.


Kharon is a very cheerful young Koopa, who wishes to go on adventures and explore new places. His brash behaviour sometimes gets him into trouble, though. He is very loyal and protective to friends, and woe betide anyone who tries to harm them, lest they evoke Kharon’s wrath.


Kharon lives in Galestrom, a town in the western regions of the Aether Kingdom with his mother, his father works far away as a knight serving under King Gildern, ruler of the Aether Kingdom. He is close friends with Helia and Slade, the three of them having known each other since childhood.

Kharon has always wished to see faraway places, a wish that was granted on a chance visit to the Galestrom Museum, which is owned by Professor Paragon, father of Kharon’s friend Slade. The museum was holding an exhibition, displaying relics that had been found on an expedition by Professor Paragon to the distant sands of the Koopahari Desert. Among the artefacts uncovered were an axe with a purple blade and a triangular crystal shard that radiated a mysterious glow.

Upon seeing the axe, Kharon felt strangely drawn to it. Just as he picked it up from its stand, a scream was heard, and a group of grey Shy Guys stormed into the room and attempted to steal the triangular relic.

Axe in hand, Kharon and his friends Helia and Slade leapt into action and fought off the Shy Guy invaders. In the aftermath, Kharon and his friends decided to investigate the ruins of the Koopahari Desert to try to find clues about the crystal shard found there.


  • Kharon's name is derived from "Charon" the ferryman of the underworld in Greek mythology, and "Orpheus" another mythological Greek figure.