Keyblades are mysterious weapons that are heavily featured in the Kingdom Hearts series and Fantendo Hearts: Past Odyssey.

Prominent Keyblade Wielders

This is a list of the Keyblade wielders most important to the storyline of the series.


Sora, Keyblade master of the Animus Galaxy, and wielder of the Kingdom Key.


Aile, Keyblade master of the Pinwheel Galaxy, and wielder of Spring's Passion.


Metallix-117 is the wielder of Black Bishop.

YoshiEgg Nook

YoshiEgg, Keyblade master of the Laser Tagged Galaxy, is the wielder of the Tanookey.

Yen Sid

Yen Sid is a Keyblade master in the Kingdom Hearts series. He resides in the world called Mysterious Tower. His Keyblade is the Starseeker.


Kippa uses a Keyblade in WTTF2.

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