Kevin the Lifeguard
Kevin the Life Guard us a minor character who only appeared in the episode "Vacation" of the Tak-Zac TV Series. He is a yellow Ant who works as the lifeguard of Fountain Island, the place where the gang went on vacation. He tries many ways to attract woman, especially Tessie, but always fails due to his "crazy brain".

He is hated by Zac for trying to win Tessie, Anstein who finds him annoying, and Tessie who gets annoyed by him.

Later on, Kevin jumps into the water to impress Tessie but hears everyone shouting at him to get out of the water. Kevin doesn't because he thought they're all jealous he can impress woman, only for him to get swallowed whole by a fish.


  • He is the first character in the Tak-Zac series to die.
  • When Anstein cracks a coconut on Kevin's head, he shouts "Doh!", Homer Simpson's catchphrase from The Simpsons.
  • Kevin's death is very similair to how Jak gets eaten by a lurker shark if he swims in the far sea in The Precursor Legacy.
Kevin's death

Kevin meets his doom

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