RemakeIcon This character is a remake of Kevano.
Expect either it to be somewhat similar to the original, or in most cases, completely different.
Kevin better known as Kevano, his full name, is Kirby's brother, he was sent to a planet far away, formed by some broken pieces of Rock Star that went out of orbit and expanded to create it's own planet, known as "Mineral Star"

Physical Appearence

Kevin looks like a blue puff with green feet and a miner hat, as well as a gray backpack where he keeps his stuff, he also has gray eyes.


Kevano was originally a Star Warrior that was supposed to aid Kirby in saving Pop Star, but the broken pieces of Rock Star crashed into him, destroying his Warp Star and sending him to what would become Mineral Star.

Since Kevano lived in Mineral Star since the moment it was born, he got used to mining and inventing to live, he eventually found a mysterious mineral known as "Ruby Heart", which he used to create the Ruby Warp Star, which is his own method of transportation, however, it cannot fly to other planets, for that it needs 2 more materials, known as the "Rocket Crystal" and the "Orbit Diamond" which are very rare on Mineral Star.


Not much is known about Kevin's family, except:


This Star Warrior is Pop Star's hero, Kevano doesn't know about his existence, neither does Kirby, however, with Pop Star's increase in technology, maybe one day they'll meet each other.


Kevano doesn't have Kirby's famous Copy Abilities, actually he doesn't have any ability, that's why he created special gadgets to defend himself, these gadgets are:

The Handy Gun - This special gun instead of shooting it either extends a wooden hand to grab things like a crane, or extends out a boxing glove to punch his oponnents

The Gas Bracelet - Kevano has a bracelet around his left arm which can shoot pepper spray or sleeping gas

The Super Sticky Goo - Kevano can get out a small capsule that holds a mysterious goo he found one day while mining, he can throw it and it will stick to whoever it hits for a while, after it lets go of whoever he was thrown at, it returns to it's capsule.


Kevin has a very enthusiastic personality, but can be easily tricked, he's also shy due to the fact that, aside from beasts and other animals that came with the broken pieces of Mineral Star, he never met anyone, he also prefers not to get involved in fights with said beasts and animals, even with his gadgets.

He loves mining, inventing and he's always disappointed when he loses a mineral, he always jumps in joy when he gets a new mineral that he's never seen before.


  • Kevano isn't actually his real name, he just gave himself that name after realizing that he needed one, his real name is still unknown.
  • Kevin is actually just a re-imagining of a character made by Kevano5243 with the same name, Kevano

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