Full Name Ketos
Gender Female
Species Sea Goddess (Minor)
Location Mythis Depths
Current Status  ???
Class Gaia Commander
Mad Scientist
Main Weapon(s) Her fork
First Appearance Kid Icarus: Mythis

Keto is a new character introduced in Kid Icarus: Mythis. She is one of Gaia's commanders and is the creator of many of her monster forces.



Keto wears a closed labcoat with some sludge on the right arm and a short sleeve on the left. She has a tie resembling a pair of monster teeth around her neck, and wears a green skirt. She also has white boots. Her hair is green with a blue lightning shaped discoloration around the bangs. She has a fork stuck in hair as well. Like all Mythis populace, she has a pair of wild looking horns.


Although Keto is a mad scientist, she is fairly reserved and works with her mute brother in creating monsters out of clay like blobs that "blink" according to Pit. She is always excited when talking about her creations, and disgusted at the group for killing so many of them. She also is somewhat clumsy, often creating monsters out of pure accident. She however claims that these are her best creations, often claiming that the best stuff comes out of accidents.



Kid Icarus: Mythis



Keto (or Ceto) was a marine goddess who personified the dangers of the sea. She was more specifically a goddess of whales, large sharks, and sea-monsters (Greek ketea). She consorted with her brother, the sea-god Phorkys, and produced a brood of awful monsters : Ekhidna (the Viper), Skylla (the Crab), Ladon (the Dragon), the Graia (the Grey), and the Gorgones (the Terrible Ones).

As the mother of Skylla Keto was also called Krataiis (Of the Rocks), Lamia (the Shark), and Trienos (Three-Times). The last title equating her with the thrice-swallowing whirlpool-monster Kharybdis. Krataiis was also identified or confused with the goddess Hekate, a divinity whose power extended over the sea. There was also a Krataiis river in the territory of the Brutti, near the Straits of Messina in Italy.