Keroro Conquest is a umbrella game for the Nintendo Comet and 3DS. It stars Keroro and has him travelling across the universe to reconnect all 18 Kingdoms. It is set 3 years after Crystal Legends.

​ Kero Abilites

As the only playable character is Keroro, instead of switching between characters, you switch between Kero Abilites. Each Kero Ability has a different play style, and some allow Keroro to use Allies to help him in battle.

Kero Ability Effect
Knight Keroro This Kero Ability gives Keroro a sword to attack and a shield to defend.
Boxer Keroro Boxer Keroro uses boxing techniques he saw on TV to punch opponents with swiftness.


There are many kingdoms which Keroro can go to in order to conquer and put them in the Anti-Tororo Alliance. There is also the Tororo Kingdom, the kingdom that Tororo rules with a iron fist.

Mushroom Kingdom

The first kingdom of the game, which is very peaceful. It acts as a tutorial kingdom, and has very basic enemies from both the Sundial Army and Bowser's Castle.

Piranha City

A floral sewer under the Mushroom Kingdom and Inaba. It is ruled by a democracy of Piranha Plants and other floral enemies. Keroro finds the Warp Stone here, which allows him to warp to any Kingdom he has been to.


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