Male and Female Kern's default designs.
Full Name Kern
Gender Male
Species Code
Location Fantendo

Kern is the main protagonist of Fantendo Uprising. Their identity is crafted by the player.


Kern is a being that appears out of malfunctioning code when Shutdown starts devouring the entire Fantendo Universe one by one. Newly created, they question their existence and what their purpose is. They decide that to find out why the came into existence, they must find and confront Shutdown. Because they owe their existence entirely to Shutdown, a lot of the Fantendo characters distrust and may even despite Kern, who must eventually gain their trust and unite them.


Kern's personality changes depending on the player's choice when creating them. The player is given a choice to have an affinity with Light (the personality is more outgoing and happy), Neutrality (they become more straight to the point and well-rounded) and Dark (they get a bit of a snarky, brash personality). They want to know how and why they came into being as well as want to be accepted in a universe that never really was their home to begin with.


Fantendo Uprising

Kern is the main protagonist of the game.