Gotta hand it to you... you worked remarkably quick and hard on this empire! It's a shame that my grandfather and I will have to bring it down, however... bring it!!
Keren Roulette

Keren Roulette
art by samtendo09 (tbc)
Current Age 15
Date of Birth June 31st
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Bingo Casino
Align Heroine
Current Status Alive
Height 5'0" (un-Exed)
15'0" (max-Exed)
Weight 119 lbs (un-Exed)
357 lbs (max-Exed)
First Appearance Unknown
Keren Roulette is one of sixteen new characters waiting to be introduced in the Mallorian Monarch phase for the Zaxinian Lifts, being part of Athena's 2018 lineup of characters. Granddaughter to Chance Roulette, Keren Roulette has been involved with casino work for her entire life and follows her father's footsteps, but has access to extreme levels of energy that most Zaxinians cannot possess on their own without enhancements. She is in possession of EX Energy, Magia, and Red Energy in immense bulk, and makes efficient use of each power in just about all scenarios. All of her power is usually active at once, though she tends to have defects to each particular ability she possesses, making her weaker than standard users of those powers but still allowing her to be quite versatile. Her goal is to learn and unlock all the power potential she possibly can, and use her strength to become the ultimate Zaxinian guardian (following Infinite).


Keren Roulette typically appears whenever Chance Roulette is present.


Keren is sweet and dazzling on the surface, being a good-natured individual that just wants to see the best in her kind and in the world itself. She very rarely appears to be distraught or depressed or dark; instead, she focuses entirely on positive outcomes and making the Zaxinian Lifts a safer place. In fact, when alone, Keren is often singing cute songs and dancing to the beat of 'em. Keren is very open, honest, and focused, working on projects with her father often without fail and being able to make little machines within just a few hours thanks to her dedication alone. She is also quite smart, being able to understand about half the provided languages in the Zaxinian Lifts and work out just about any sort of machinery, but is also quite good at battle due to her strategist mind. Full of bravery and determination, she is almost perfect when it comes to using EX Energy and whatever else she has.

While she remains charismatic and speaks childishly even in battle, there are a lot of prices to pay shall she overdose herself with forced energy-related regeneration. She can become very abrasive in this state and became monstrous and fearless as a result, which is even more apparent in her "giant" state, and just one bad move will cause her to become berserk and wild. Muscles throb violently within her skin as she pounds and breaks those that hurt her, and the hunger-fed drool escaping her lips will be satisfied by her crushing apart her foes' limbs with nothing but her canines. Fortunately, this is not her own conscious mind and is instead a separate "persona" that rebirths itself from its resting place inside of her whenever she releases extensive amounts of energy, which causes it to take over her brain. When calmed enough, it scrambles back into its hiding place, causing her to return to normal.


Keren Roulette has consistent access to EX Energy, Magia and Red Energy, making her rather fearsome in spite of her powers being somewhat toned down compared to others'. With Red Energy, she can bring her enemies dazzling amounts of pain through excessive heat and potentially kill them with enough power; she can also use this energy source to heat up food and give relaxing massages to her friends when they are distressed. She can forge just about any weapon out of Red Energy as well, and is capable of making all sorts of variations of this ability. Her usage of the power is so good, she even knows how to freeze Red Energy particles and make them into permanent solid items. However, her weakness with this power is that her variation is super sensitive; she cannot multitask while using the energy due to her need to fully focus on charging it up, and cannot afford to get hit or her energy just straight-up disappears.

EX Energy is somewhat limited for Keren to use, but nonetheless extends her power massively. With EX Energy, she can form raining star attacks and use a number of space-themed weapons like black holes and meteors to her own will, and can summon "light-made" incarnations of other EX Energy users to blow some foes the hell up. In fact, most of her attacks are made with the power of stars and light, and her good-natured personality syncs up with this energy extremely well. With such a power, she can also triple her size and weight; though she is nowhere as massive as other EX beings, she is nonetheless intimidating at that size and her power increases heavily at that size. With her EX Energy, she is also very resilient to pain; whilst not invincible, she can take pain very well and still fight if she gets hurt. A bunch of damage can be laid onto her if she's not holding her staff, however.

Keren can channel the energy stored in her body into her "Hyper Staff" to deal some monstrous amounts of damage using her high amounts of stored Magia. For starters, she can focus her spirit to change the properties and forms of her magic attacks; for example, she can transform raining stars into explosive bombs at her own will. Because of her ability to manipulate her magic like this, she can turn the tides of a battle to her advantage quite easily as long as she doesn't get overwhelmed. With her Magia, she can buff and nerf her own attacks, but has to be careful so that she doesn't overuse her Magia. If she does this, she will be eating away at her own health and huge attacks with immense power will leave her wide open as well as force her to kneel and recharge. It should be noted that Keren is rather useless without her staff, unable to concentrate her mind on her inner-locked power.

Despite being Chance's granddaughter, she does not use any of his abilities aside from his Tarot Card usage.


  • Keren's name means "strong", referencing her immense amount of powers.
  • Keren's existence came off of the idea of "what if several Fantendoverse powers / etc. were combined together into one character?"

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